Sunday, December 30, 2018

About Town 12/30/18

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, clearer images.)

 In training

The Soldier of Light (S.O.L.) Tactical Security Team was in training around town yesterday along with security dog Lucky.

Here's their contact info.

Garage doors - Rated XXXXXXXXXXX

 Something happened.
[Submitted photo: Howard Stevens]

 View from inside the police station lobby

 The Good Book - good and wet

 Raindrop hanging on

 River Park in the fog

 Burning Bridge at night

Get ready for more road destruction. This time on Route 462 (the 400 block of Chestnut)

 Here are the machineries of destruction, monopolizing the parking spaces since last week.

 Jesus and his flock at Laurel Hill

 Is it done?

Work continues on the sinkhole at 3rd and Linden.

 Here's a night view.

 Sign down across from Royer's

 Time keeper at NAWCC

 Folks still aren't getting it.

 Read the sign.

Nope, not OK

 View from the high school hill

 Town history and the town itself

 Kinderhook and Cloverton

 Church windows at 6th and Chestnut

(Taxes have been in the news a lot lately.)

 Missing pieces

 What's happening here?

 Over on Grinnell Avenue

 Going down Plane Street

 At the tunnel

 Fox43 at the shooting scene this past week

 Tide Pride

 This used to be the Alley Cat, among other things.

 Sidewalk conversation

 Back deck at the Legion

 A door within a door

Coal chute door 

Patriotic display

Close-up of our mural
(What happened to the rest of the mural anyway?)


FD said...

Joe the allry cat was once the home of Rice & Wentz Chrysler dealership back in the fifties. I had worked there washing and greasing cars.

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

Wow electrical issue at 301, you would think it was all redone. Are they making enough to pay the bill????

Anonymous said...

That is a penn dot sign on 462, but that brings up why our council is putting street lites on a state road?? MORE FARTS TO COME FROM THE 7 with no sense I am shore.

Anonymous said...

Tide pride left this town 15 to 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I heard they added a new piece of equipment that required PPL to increase the size of their service cable powering the Cafe and apartments. The lady at the Cafe said Don Murphy immediately rented a large generator to get her back up and running. I don’t know anyone who would do that for their tenant. Murphy’s are awesome and that building looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

All landlords have an obligation to provide electricity to their buildings, otherwise they would be condemned.

Anonymous said...

"they added a new piece of equipment that required PPL to increase the size of their service cable powering the Cafe and apartments" ? Didn't anyone think about what they were doing beforehand? Didn't an electrician check this out before the equipment was added?

Anonymous said...

The sign MAYBE part of the signal permit. If in fact it is part of the signal permit it is to be maintained by the Borough. All traffic signals are the responsibility of the municipality they are in regardless if they are on a state road or not. The borough has a copy of the permit and it will show if that sign is part of the permit that was issued to them.

Radical rag said...

I dont believe the signs fall under that,, i believe that sign is gonna be on penndot..

Anonymous said...

Hum shouldn't you have the electric service in place before you get new equipment, the know if you buy 3 phase machines, this seams to be a person that made a mistake and puts blame on something else.

Anonymous said...

Wow LOOK MAYOR even the S O L has a dog , now what is your problem?

Eric J. White said...

Y'all really need to lighten up. (No pun intended)
Smile, it's a new day, and the zombies haven't come for us yet.