Sunday, December 23, 2018

About Town 12/23/18

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, clearer images.)

 Santa at Hermansader Gallery on Locust

An angel there

 Full moon over Chestnut

Bridges old and new . . .

 Salem UCC

 Over at NAWCC

 And nearby

Christmas lights . . . 

 Fallen angel

 Open lock box at CVS

Over at Columbia United Methodist . . .

 Back at the lock box, a little better, but not still great
The deadline for lock box installation is December 31.

 Gathering signatures 

 Iron horse?

 At the post office: "Columbia Bridge" by artist Bruce Mitchell

 Wide open lot on Locust

 Fluttering flag

 Christmas lights on Poplar

 Santa waving good-bye from a circle of sacrifice

 Back at the bridge

 Night lights


 Alive and well in Columbia

 Left behind at the bus stop

 Tree down at the gazebo

 Saint John's Lutheran

 Looking up

 Keep Woodstock in Woodstockmas.

 Lincoln Highway marker

 We paid several thousand dollars for new tree lights, and all we got was this lousy dark patch.

 At 5th & Cherry


 Santa was here earlier this week, but then he skipped out.

 What's that ghost sign say?

 Looks like: BAKE

 Fancy frame

 Sick humor

 Back at the bridge once again

 Arches and pipes

 Train passing through

 Train car and former train station

 They used to be in the air carrier biz.

 Another ghost sign which appears to read: MAIL POUCH

 Possibly part of the logo

 Skid row

 More Americana

 Indian elephant bearing a load

 Finial on Poplar

 Hanging out hanging things


 Lamp imprint on awning 

 756 signatures on 52 pages were collected and are being delivered to council members and the borough manager.
Signatures are still being collected. More information will follow.

 Another finial, neighbor to the one above

 Avenue C ends abruptly.

 Taking in the air

 This truck pulled a bunch of train cars loaded with rocks to the railroad crossing at the bottom of Walnut, then reversed and went back up the tracks, then came back again and kept going.

 Who stole the downspout?

 When in doubt, use the side door.

 Stones similar to the ones used in the Civil War bridge piers (See previous photos.)

 Angelic harpist

 Pounding the sidewalk

 It's a clean machine.

 3 wise guys and a gal

 Wrightsville as seen from Manor Street

 A closer look

 100 block of Locust

 200 block of Locust

 Santa sighting! He's back, sneaking around town, so be sure to be naughty and/or nice.

On the lookout

 Let's get this done.

 Meanwhile, downtown

 Innovative use of a bicycle wheel

On Friday at about 6:30 p.m., this car was reportedly heading east on Linden Street and collided with a truck heading south on Fourth Street. No reports of injuries. 
[Submitted photo]

Town council


Anonymous said...

All that noise for 756 signatures. Less than 9% of population. Good luck with your repeal!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Steve kaufold ? More changes in code dept? How bout a pic of that wall 不不不不不

Anonymous said...

you can collect all you want it will not make a difference i believe you are just wasting your time with this but i hope it does make people think about the next election

Anonymous said...

And yet so much more noise left to make! Pam Williams was elected with a paltry 456 votes, Todd Burgard a mere 469, and Fran Fitzgerald with a staggering 567 !!!!! Voter registration drives in the new year will focus directly on the 4 seats up for grabs on that council.

BTW, you must like giving your money away.

Not Saying said...

We are few, but active, loud but silently going to take over and find the offensive, beware. We come, you should quit, we are coming for your vote. Raise taxes, wrong.

Joe Lintner said...

None of the council persons got near that amount in the last election, so should we kick them out of office for low numbers? Obviously, more people are concerned about the tax hike than who was elected into office. We are still collecting signatures.

Anonymous said...

Found the council member (again).

Anonymous said...

To the first commenter, what number would satisfy you? Don't forget, about half the town population is probably under 18. There are only 7 people on council so already they are outnumbered over 100 to 1.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for wishing us good luck! Actually your figure of 9% is inaccurate because there are thousands of residents that are under age to sign that petition. Anyone under 18 cannot sign and they are included in the population. And yes, those residents that signed did make noise!! Securing that number of signatures in that short of time is nothing short of astounding. This is only one tool that is being used, we will see how things pan out in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Step 1 almost complete.
Step 2 clean sweep.

Anonymous said...

When is the last time you ever saw 756 people at a council meeting. You wouldn't be saying that's a low number of residents if they were lined up to get in council chambers. Better push your personal agendas now. The time for common sense has finally arrived.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a petition of people who are FOR the tax hike. I wonder how many signatures they will get.

Anonymous said...

That tree in the park sure does look a mess they need to do something with those lights that do not work

Anonymous said...

turn them off if they don't work

Anonymous said...

Zero ....

Anonymous said...

Petitions, much like this one, serve two primary purposes. The first is the hope it will bring immediate change. Highly unlikely in the case as it would require the members of council to pull up their sleeves and work to find areas to cut expenses and in some cases, the minds of certain members of council are made up and will refuse to change. More importantly is the long term effect of the petition. Next time around some members will remember this action and act in accordance to the wishes of their constituents while, sadly, others will still believe they are the smartest man in the room and refuse to listen. No matter how you look at it, the petition drive was honorable and heroic.

Anonymous said...

The first commenter must b a renter

Anonymous said...

You can still sign the petition. I worked & was not able to. Where can this be signed? Is it still at Stover's?