Sunday, November 25, 2018

About Town - 11/25/18

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, sharper images.)

 A few more clues that you're in Columbia:

The COLUMBIA sign at Locust Street Park

And here's another sign you're in Columbia: a brand new sinkhole.

 According to a resident of the 600 block of Walnut Street, this sinkhole appeared today (Sunday, November 25) on the sidewalk near 651 Walnut.

 Another sinkhole had been noted a few weeks ago near the same spot. This most recent one measures 3 to 4 feet long by about 2-1/2 feet wide by 3 to 4 feet deep. 

Columbia Borough Police and at least one member of the borough's highway department arrived on-scene late afternoon and placed barricades around the affected area.

And yet another hint you're in Columbia: a new Knox Box. 

 Unfortunately, this one was hanging open as of this morning, Sunday, November 25. A controversial lock box ordinance was passed this year. Businesses have until December 31 to comply.

The open Knox Box is located on the 400 block of Locust Street. Has anyone else noticed? By the way, the pawn shop is for sale.

Anyway, here a few more clues, basically self-explanatory:

Down on South 2nd: ventilation - old school
(A new window was recently installed.)

Tires, cut through, keep appearing along the railroad tracks right off Union Street.

This guy is shoveling the street at 6th and Poplar.

Construction vehicles left a trail of mud from the construction site.

And here's the site: the Columbia Outpatient Center - LGH.

And here's the documentation, apparently properly done. (Some businesses are allowed to renovate without the proper documentation.)

Datestone at the Columbia First Church of God at 7th and Walnut

700 block of Walnut - Looks like the rehab house is being rehabbed.

It's never a good idea to leave the key in the lift - unattended.

The lift was used to enable workers to install new Christmas lights at Locust Street Park.

Here's another ventilated building - the Haitian Maranatha Church on Locust.

Wounded mirror

Heading south - The taxes are too damn high.

Gray tabby and blue rhino

Peek of sunshine

Immature Cooper's hawk on the roof of Tollbooth Antiques

Those alternating open and solid spaces along the top of the tower are called crenels and merlons. In medieval times, archers would have shot arrows from there to fend off invading hordes.

A hint of the Columbia that was

Ghost sign

Twin peaks
(At the firehouse on North 4th)

Twin pillars
(At the Edward C. Shannon Armory on Walnut Street)

Down on the first block of North 2nd

Better check that insulation.

Aches and panes

Graffiti-riddled boxcar, many of which pass through town regularly - 
We're still waiting for the next Bansky or Haring to appear.

Four Cape Cod chairs painted in two of three secondary colors

The 500 block of Walnut - what, again?
C.S. Davidson reportedly has a 20-item punch list for the Walnut Street road project.

Clogged grates - part of why residents are getting water in their basements on the 500 and 600 blocks of Walnut

There's that giant yellowjacket again.
Kill it. Kill it quick.
Yellowjackets are mean and nasty.

St. Paul's Episcopal

Thanksgiving's over.
Time for Santa

To be unveiled

A touch of Americana

More Americana: gumball machines at Andy's

Riding high down Locust to the former Number 1 Firehouse - 
The lift was picked up by Slaymaker this past Friday morning.

12th and Manor: More ghost signs. The lower one reads: CUT GLASS CO. The upper one is illegible.

Double decker: Two rows of corbels

Oh, to be a Private Drive member

Bird brains at the municipal building

This is what the tags read on those scarves used in scarf-bombing on the 300 block of Locust.

CHI might be putting a rooftop playground on this building.
The unsightly box on top hides the unsightly cell towers.

(On the 300 block of Locust)

Here's the adjoining alleyway, containing God-knows-what.

In memory of . . .

Part of Grinnell Avenue is freezing over, because the sump pump/drainage problem has not yet been addressed. Columbia Spy will report on the borough's plan shortly.

Minimalist Christmas tree atop CHS

Meter bag for Shop Small Saturday

The turkey accepted the dinner invitation but didn't understand why he was invited.
(The musket should have been the giveaway.)

Family gathering

Gimme an n...
Gimme an r...
Gimme a t...
Gimme a p...

Gimme a W...
Gimme an s...
What's that spell?

Underfed reindeer at Burning Bridge Antiques

Hooray for the rust, white, and blue!

Unforgiven . . .

Last holdout of a wrought iron fence

They want our money, just not in person.

On track

Vintage girl's bike, circa 1965

Call the SPCA. Somebody tied a bear to a sled.

There's a scarf-bombing now. See tag somewhere above on this post.

Party hardy, Columbia - but Natty Ice?

Ice feather forming in a puddle

Some of the fence is gone from the Bank Avenue project

Offerings for the Buddha, possibly 12 apples - enough to keep the doctor away for almost two weeks.
(However, the number of apples one eats per day is directly proportional to the number of doctors who will stay away that day.)

Santa's early. He just landed his chopper on Dr. Laird's rooftop.

Doug's tree service cut a tree in Locust Street Park this weekend.

Limbs in the back

Wonder who ordered this - and why.

About to be paved in the 400 block of Avenue G?

Sunday in Columbia, but not much is open...

Who would want to shop on a Sunday anyway?

But the church is open, of course.

Free Christmas tree?

What every boy wants for Christmas - a shiny red tractor (but maybe not that big).
(Tollbooth Antiques)

Some folks in town are off their rockers.
(They shall remain nameless, for now.)

Chimney fire on the 600 block of Chestnut early Sunday afternoon

And last but not least, these shots about town, self-explanatory, submitted by Todd Stahl:


Anonymous said...

great pics thanks cole

Anonymous said...

That tree at Locust Street park was dead and dangerous. Pleased that they took care of it.

Anonymous said...

the rehab houses colors look like someone needs rehab.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a FRAT house in town , Council president lives a block away, codes and helm stopped a church , what about this ? Maybe SLECTIVE ENFORCMENT again!

Anonymous said...

Come one people. Clogged grates. If you live near or by a storm sewer grate, you should keep it clean of debris. How hard would it be to sweep it off and remove the trash, leaves, etc. It COULD prevent your basement from flooding. OR it could just look nice. I do see the highway dept shovel the clogged drains off....but...get real...there's NO way they can clean them every day. There is one at the end of my block and I check it regularly and clean it off regularly. Not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

If workers weren't working at the money pit all the time they could be all around town where needed. Please show the time logged at the pit ??

Anonymous said...

There is a lot to do other than clean drains that are mostly in front of peoples homes. Good Grief!!

Anonymous said...

You mean rental properties!

Anonymous said...

The borough worker should be working on the streets not the money pit that we pay $115,000 a year to have it managed . What do our taxes pay for anyway?