Sunday, November 18, 2018

About Town - 11/18/18

This week's photos from around Columbia
(Click/tap on photos for larger, sharper images.)

So, how do we know this is really Columbia, anyway?
Well, here are a few hints:

Clever how this real vent pipe comes out of a painted building

 Turkey vulture at work in a borough official's yard

 Wet leaves stained this section of sidewalk into an abstract painting.

 Time to clean the gutters

Leaf duty


This red-tailed hawk was hanging around in Mount Bethel Cemetery - to the distress of several nearby squawking crows.

 Don't forget the wreath-laying and 21-gun salute at Mount Bethel on December 15.

 Here's a concrete globe with paws at Mount Bethel.

 Interesting spindle on the side of St. Pauls' Lutheran Church

 Old North?

 Cat at a bucket
Humans sometimes assume this position, too, usually after imbibing too much alcohol.

 Here's a virgin in a bucket of sorts.

And some pumpkins in a large bucket-like structure, also know as an urn.

 Mystery numbers

 Evidence of a mushroom cult?

 End of the road, or at least the tracks

 More tracks to nowhere

 Someone should really clean up this unsightly mess.

 Here, too - and maybe restore that historic retaining wall

Still there - the abandoned Mercedes

 Three in a row - the ubiquitous and speedy LCSWMA trucks

 Evidence of a previous structure

 There's a big crack in Hotel Columbia
(A fitting metaphor for the town?)

 For Heaven's sake, let's hope the power is off.

 The troubled sidewalk on the 500 block of Walnut
(More problems to come?)

Required tools this week

 More mattress madness - this time with a snow-covered sidewalk




 Sometimes even lifts need a lift.

 Newfangled stained glass windows?


A series of Santas (still 'tis NOT the season):

 What if the suspects aren't arrested and convicted?
Do you still get the 50 bucks?
Guess not.

 Yes, he's back at the Elks.

 His right claw is clenched, for some reason.

 Could he be the same hawk that was at Mount Bethel?

 Who wants a bunch of gerbils anyway, even if they are only $9.99?

 Breakfast of champions

 She's leaving town, and who can blame her?
The taxes are too damn high!

300 block of Cherry Street, a residential area - This seems to be a daily occurrence.
(Submitted photo)

 Snow-covered football field

 Possibly the same hawk again?

 How long must we wait for this project to blossom?
And how long must our sidewalk be closed?

 Here's another hint you're in Columbia: an empty plastic bottle left behind.

Or left on the roof of a newly wrecked car

Here's a grille smiling in the snow

 Here's a juvenile hawk - possibly a Cooper's hawk.

 This is an adult who was nearby.
They were exchanging calls near CVS before flying away together.

Hornet's nest
Caution: Do NOT stir up.
Actually, this one looks to be abandoned.

 Large clock - slightly askew - 
Should we adjust our watches to compensate?

 This house on North 5th may have slid through the system and become a recovery house.

 Bridge lights

This streetlight uptown was on in the daytime.

 A rare Tom Jones sighting

 Sign directing Buddhist temple folks to the public lot at the bottom of Locust

You're welcome, Buddhist temple.

Flag frenzy at the Buddhist temple


Anonymous said...

I see you take a lot of pictures of things that need cleaned up but i don"t see you doing any thing to help. so instead of taking pictures and complaining try picking up that bottle and putting it in the trash. as for the rail road tracks why aren't you hounding the rail company about it.

Joe Lintner said...

What have you done lately?

Anonymous said...

To the commenter whos so worried you see where the trash is from the pictures. why don't you go pick it up if youre so concerned.

Anonymous said...

You don't want to see the pictures because you don't want to admit how filthy dirty this town really is. It's actually much worse than is pictured on this website. If you need more proof you should have been on Locust Street after the Halloween parade, it looked like a bay of pigs had been there. I have picked up so much trash over the years in this town and I am finished. If I picked up all the trash I see in just one short walk, I would have to take at least one garbage bag, plus gloves and NO I'm not touching other people's trash anymore. I also have to dodge spit, yes, human spit and dogshit on every walk. I don't want that tracked into my house on my carpets. Maybe I'll take my camera out and get some more shots to show you just how bad it really is. Cole, you've been too kind.

Radical rag said...

Great pics cole.. im glad you take pics of the trash lying everywhere. So maybe the 1 of the 10 codes guys, will do there jobs. And go to the problem areas and fix it!!

Anonymous said...

If you're so offended, why don't you stop wasting time LOOKING at the pictures, go out and pick up the trash yourself.

Anonymous said...

Those old railroad tracks are on the old Gordon Waste property. I don't believe they are owned by either railroad company.

Anonymous said...

How can they run a company in a residental district ? does it pay different taxes? Blocking the road daily , HUM

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like an angry council member in that first comment. I do believe you are getting under their sin Cole. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Columbia Borough has ever fined one citizen for littering, therefor it is an acceptable way of life in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Just depends on the district is zoned, maybe zoned as light commercial use or something.

Anonymous said...

I wish all you people on here to say things would attend a council meeting and let them know in person how you feel about our town.Make it standing room only. They are trying to make this a city which will never happen. They think our tax money is theirs to spend the way they want.

Anonymous said...

How dare that there's a tax-paying business in town. Better do our part and run them out!

Anonymous said...

NOT true there have been fines for littering

Anonymous said...

How would you feel to be pushed out on the street when the side walk is blocked and if you where on a WHEEL CHAIR?????????

Anonymous said...

Why don't council walk around picking up trash , they get paid to waste tax money?

Anonymous said...

Borough people out and out

Anonymous said...

The signs say no trucks , cherry street is r1 , selective enforcement again.

Anonymous said...

No trucks except local deliveries. That is a local delivery. Trying to stop those would be interfering with interstate commerce.