Saturday, October 6, 2018

Draft Agenda - Borough Council Meeting, October 8, 2018


  1. straight up BS. NO NO NO to expanding HistoriCAL District. Council persons STEP UP the Mayor is proclaining DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MONTH. What are you doing to educate victims???? Nothing? No surprise there. Isn't the majority of police calls for domestic vioence??? Shame on you Mayor AND Chief.
    Hiring another Patrol officer??????? what's that? Is the title hiding behind Police Officer? Like the Borough needs more. What the Boro REALLY needs is TWO K-9's. What that mean about the Mc Ginniss property?????? People WAKE UP.

  2. At McGinness Air port what contamination was in the ground?? As i myself know nothing was said about what it was!

  3. It doesn't matter , look what the turkey hill experience cost tax payers.

    1. Council already knows what they are going to do, PUT IT ON A BALLET and the river park expansion too, do what the tax payers want not a few peoples pet prodjects. We elected you to do the best for ALL the people not just a few . Look what the new lites on the bridge causes every year.