Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crews respond to vehicle accident with entrapment, extricate driver

Emergency crews had to extricate a driver from a damaged vehicle this morning after it collided with another vehicle at Fifth and Maple Streets. The driver was transported by ambulance. The vehicle, a Dodge Caravan, and a Ford Explorer collided in the intersection, which has been the site of several accidents and near misses due to poor visibility as drivers approach the top of a hill.


  1. How about the 90 thousand dollar $90,000.00 the tax payers paid for the CF police vehicle!! Thanks for not using your own money!!!

    1. I'm happy that my tax dollars are going toward a fire police vehicle. That's what it SHOULD be used for. There's plenty of "projects" this borough spends (or wastes) our money on, that we do not truly need, for example: $40,000 to buy a trolley that runs three months a year and $11,000 a year to manage operations of that trolley. Then there's the new code trucks, three of them! We need fire apparatus. Tax money must be used first for needs, lastly for wants. The fire department is a volunteer organization, the borough taxpayers are not paying salaries for these men to do this job.
      Sharon Lintner

    2. right on Sharon

    3. Why is the borough going to buy the old air strip , is this Columbia borough realistate company ? Not to mention $115,000 a year to manage the river park .

    4. This sh-- only happens in Columbia , under the Lutz administration! Other towns don't have the do as we say Not as we do mind set.

    5. Sharon for Mayor!