Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Agenda and Report - Public Works & Property Committee

Meeting Agenda, October 16, 2018

Public Works Report, September 2018


  1. More work at the money pit but NOTHING at 320 s 2nd st. These people are acting like spoiled kids, Fix the hole for Christ sake before someone really gets hurt.

  2. Agree 100%. No excuse for not filling that hole. The residents living south of, say Cherry Street don't see any improvements. The tax money is all being spent uptown.

    Residents in the southern end of town are being kept in the dark. South Fourth Street near Mill is pitch dark at night, yet the million dollar lights are going in elsewhere.

  3. Thank you to all the Highway Dept for all their hard work! It's been a rough spring and summer.

  4. 1-800-Dial-PPL, use the correct prompt to report a street light out.

    1. Well aware of how to report lights out via PPL. As a safety measure, the police, while on patrol at night, could report to the public works department any lights that are out. Perhaps then public works could notify PPL. The borough should not wait for residents to report it, that could take months. You either missed the point or prefer to continue ignoring those residing in the southern end of town. They don't need nice lights, that's for those living uptown, but they can help pay for it.