Sunday, October 14, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia

Junior firefighter

 Photo op
(Front and Walnut)

 Things discarded
(Laurel Hill)

 Fall has fallen
Or has it? 
Note to Mother Nature: Fall is a season in its own right. Please do not jump right over it again like you did this year, i.e., hot and humid one day, cold and windy the next.

But the Beatles sang:
"The teachers that taught me weren't cool.
You're holding me down, turning me 'round
Filling me up with your rules."

 Bricking up earlier this week at 208-210 Locust

Going out on a limb on a lift for a light -
Well, someone's gotta do it.
(Columbia Shopping Center)

 Note the door at the Wine & Spirits Store.

 Maybe someone needed a drink really bad.

 Not such a precise cut around the lock, however.
(The door glass has since been replaced.)

 Spell check, please

 The Columbia Plaza parking lot continues to leak.

Here's another look.

 More PennDOT guys hanging out down at our bridge

 Leaf detail

 So, is this how we park in Columbia?

 Like this?

There's a fluid spill in the lot.

Let's hope the rain holds off here.
(3rd and Locust)

 Sprucing up
(First block of Locust)

 Sprucing up
(Town Square)

 Super Lion
(South 2nd)

 Sickly lion, possibly with a case of measles
(South 2nd)

When gentle persuasion fails...

 Decommissioned cop car?
(South 2nd)

 Date stone at the Buddhist temple

(Cherry Street)

 Don't litter.

 Construction at the American Legion

 Picking up the pieces
(Front and Bridge)

 There's that red-tailed hawk again.

 His favorite vantage point - atop the Elks

 PennDOT painted lines on Route 462 this week.

 Two trucks did the job.

 Safety cones were placed at the intersection of North 5th and Chestnut to keep drivers off the wet paint.

 Some drove over it anyway.

 The dotted lines were painted at the intersection to discourage drivers from making illegal left turns, and from driving the wrong way on the one-way block of Chestnut Street.

 Dapper 'do

 Halloween parade - October 25

 Christmas food box delivery - December 16

 The whole way down on South 2nd

 Sign down
(Walnut and Commerce)

 Sign down
(Front Street)

 Time for a cleanout
(Near Commerce Street)

 Lime leaching at the bridge

 Farm equipment
(Bridge Street)

 Stocked up with mayflies
(North 3rd and Avenue H)

 Bell tower
(Salem UCC)

 Food donation at the back door

 Atop Our Lady of the Angels

 God bless America - all 42 states.

 Looks like Aument fell flat.

 Time for a new sign
(Manor Street)

 Time for a new sign
(Plane and Barber)

Misdirected sign - or some sort of religious message?
(Avenue F)

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Just check the wild turkey.

 Spiderman's house?
(Cherry Street)

 Historic sidewalk
(Cherry Street)

 There's a tree growing in front of this tree.
(South 6th)

Folks still aren't grasping the concept. This isn't donating; it's dumping.

Like the sign says

 There was a lot of air traffic this week.

 Here's a warthog flying over on Saturday.

All the activity might be due to the military planning an emergency airdrop of vowels and consonants for Joe's Steak Shop.

Cardinals don't migrate south in the winter and are therefore known as winter birds.

Goodwill on the highway

Looks like red vehicles are all the rage this season.

Including this one on North 4th

Columbia Stands Up likes Jess.
So does Columbia Spy.

Meanwhile, down at Hickernell Headquarters
(Where is Dave, anyway?)

On Thursday, neighbors and friends attended an open house at the Columbia Market House.
(It's bigger on the inside.)

 Cesar adds a few dabs.
(Eastern Drillers)

 And here's a partial unveiling of a painting on Locust.

Just in time for Halloween - film fun at the Columbia Creative Factory.

With an audience of many

G-rated flicks only, please

 At times, boredom could set in.

But it's wise to keep the 3D glasses at the ready.


At the Air BnB - visitors from Florida
(1102 Locust)

 And later in the week, three different vehicles - 
Neighbors aren't happy with this operation and complained at recent borough meetings.

Sometimes, the clamor in this town is enough to wake the dead.
(Chestnut Street)


Anonymous said...

CODES trucks do as we say not as we do, Columbia's moto mayor on down!

Anonymous said...

Hopfully the wood framing will hold all the brick weight at 208 210 , should have had better support, think what happened the first time.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like the borough keeping up on the square , they must be at the money pit.

Anonymous said...

Great pics as always

Anonymous said...

That window at 3rd and Locust has been out for a year or two, ridiculous!
Love the Bell tower picture and of course all of the rest of the pics!

Anonymous said...

Great job Cole and Sharon as always.

Anonymous said...

I thought the borough wants business in town ,but they seam to piss off kleen wright a lot. The big warehouse went to MT Joy ,what next?

Anonymous said...

time for a new administration , to make the town catch up to the money pit.

Anonymous said...

It is strange to see the market without the stands that made it a market.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal with Air BnB? I thought we wanted visitors to come and spend money in town?

Anonymous said...

It is because who owns it, silly

Anonymous said...

Have a citizen park out of the lines and TICKET.

Anonymous said...

Can the borough tell us how many man hours are logged at the money pit????

Anonymous said...

It is a curved window hard to make, look at the museum it has been 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you don't live near an "Air BnB" or you wouldn't have to ask.

Check with the neighbors, they have raised a variety of legitimate issues.

And by the looks of it, Columbia is super selective on what businesses they welcome.

The SVCC doesn't even hold ribbon cutting ceremonies anymore for new businesses.

Anonymous said...

What's next you ask? Don't miss the next council meeting to see the current business they are dissing!

Anonymous said...

Susquehanna Glass has been part of Columbia forever, but now thanks to codes it looks like they'll be the next business pushed out.

Thanks to this discriminatory, massive crackdown even good residents might be forced out.

The old guard will, sooner than later, be ruling over slumlords only and Locust Street will be lined with freebees.

Anonymous said...

I guess i dumb but what is a air B&B

Joe Lintner said...

It's a type of short-term rental made available to guests via the internet.

Anonymous said...

Who owns it?

Anonymous said...

Or paint coming off on a balcony in your back yard, ticket! And don't reply that it doesn't happen. It did, it does and it will!

Anonymous said...

Well, not too much because the are putting the animal shelter in Columbia!

Anonymous said...

Is that property without the window aspiring to be like the museum? Why mention the museum? Don't deflect, replace the damn window, or tell your friend to!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cole