Sunday, October 7, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

The place to be?

Well, who isn't?

Two guys taking pictures of the bridge.  They were in a car with a municipal license plate.

This might be one of the reasons they were here.

Here's a giant mayfly with fiery wing

Don't throw crap in the river. And that also applies to putting it in the ground so that it leaches into the river.

Keep the river clean.

We need to drink from it.
(Columbia Water Co.)

 That sign popped up quite quickly last Sunday.
(400 block of Chestnut)

 Columbia history
(Mullen Books on Walnut Street)

 Fiery sunrise

 On track

 Gothic-influenced church windows
(Presbyterian Church at 4th & Locust)

 Three-string bass
(400 block of Locust)

 Old-time curb
(100 block of Walnut)

 A sign of Halloween
(100 block of Walnut)

 Another sign

Flying monkey lost on the way back to Oz?  Oh well, Columbia's just as surreal.
(200 block of Cherry)

Maybe she can help.
(500 block of Cherry)

 Meanwhile, out at the pipeline

 Doug's Tree Service servicing a tree
(South 12th Street)

 Unintended sneak preview at Hermansader's gallery on Locust

 Passing through
(Chestnut Street)

 Dirt on the crosswalks
(13th & Manor)

 Unlicensed vehicle in Avenue H

 This is what happens when you overdo your diet.

 South Ninth is looking better these days.

 South Eighth, not as much

 Spindle/steeple on a residence
(South 6th)

 On top of the former Prudhomme's/Rising Sun


Lightning rod atop the DAC

 Coming up
(500 block of Cherry)

 Another hurt sign

 These church pews seem to be going to hell.
(200 block of Cherry)

Big building currently for sale at $349,990

 It's unclear if the price includes the abandoned Mercedes.

Here's another for sale.

And here's a lot for sale.

Columbia's on the move, all right.  Here's another business leaving town: KGS Insurance at 462 Chestnut Street.

Looks like the school district will be picking our pockets again with a possible increase next year of 3.5%. And since Union Community Bank is leaving town, you'll be paying your Columbia taxes in West Hempfield, unless, of course, you mail the check.

Old-fashioned block wall along Bank Avenue

The Wilderness Inquiry program was at River Park this week.

They brought their canoes again.

Fifth-grade students from area schools received instruction on safe boating practices. Unfortunately, the decision was made not to embark due to the high water level and swift current.

Here's another view of the boats.

 Up close and personal

And a three-quarter view


Workers attended to the troublesome sinkhole on Bridge Street this week.

Even LASA got involved.

A section of pipe was replaced in this trench.

Here, one guy works as three guys look at the hole.

 At the same time, this sign was standing at the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Here's the trench filled with what appears to be concrete slurry.


Antique farm equipment

Close up

A little oil here and there, and it's good to go.

 Sittin' pretty?

 Camouflage - not conspicuous at all



 Rear view

 That's one way to keep rain off the back seat.

 Folks just aren't understanding what's supposed to happen here: You get an empty bag from the dispenser. You put your crap into the bag. You take the bag with you.

A semi-famous car lookalike

 Bricking up at 208-210 Locust

 Fancy van

 Rooftop sweater - Helps keep the car warm.

 This bird was keeping an eye on things at Laurel Hill.

This one at Mount Bethel lost its head.

 Vampire cat

Bootleg at night, with something extra

Something creepy this way comes.

 Spell check, please!


Out on 462...


 Han Solo's car, complete with a functioning hyperdrive motivator, one assumes

 Bridge bust

 Off balance


Anonymous said...

Are walnut street side walks going to look like this?

Anonymous said...

Why did wgal 8 not even mention Columbia on either event on the bridge last weekend, every time it aired they said Wrightsville.

Joe Lintner said...

Probably not. It's one of the original curbs.

Anonymous said...

You mean with the beauty strip and all the weeds? Why don't the borough spray for the weeds?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mayor is mad at them ,like lnp

Anonymous said...

How can that brick be called a beauty strip, it only looks good for a few days till weeds and grass grow , then it looks like the pics, the borough put it there and doesn't take care of it , it is like the trees ,they put them there and it is up to the citizens to take care of it. COME ON PULL the employees out of the pit and take care of the town.

Anonymous said...

Dosen't Columbia have a sign ordinance?

Anonymous said...

Because Cole works for WGAL and can answer that question.

Anonymous said...

I think the question was posed to the bricks between curb and sidewalks and not the picture of the old curbing. It seems it was meant for the work being done in the fifth and sixth blocks of Walnut Street

Anonymous said...

Who puts the bags in the tube at the trail, is it the borough workers?

Joe Lintner said...

My guess would be dog walkers using the trail.

Anonymous said...

Those empty spaces along the bricks are awaiting someone to plant a tree there. Ever price a tree from the nursery?
Weed killer is bad for you, and the folks downstream. I am my local weed killer, it's called "pulling them"

Anonymous said...

right now who cares for the weeds?

Anonymous said...

Along the trail it would make sense to throw the droppings in to the woods.

Anonymous said...

WHY can the side walk on the north side of 300 block of cherry street be blocked by skids and machines forcing people to walk out on the street and if a truck is there they have to walk on the east bound lanes, this is residental , looks like the borough is turning there heads again.

Anonymous said...

A sign may help , youall know Columbia is not the most helpful town with the motto do as we say not as we do. Starts with the mayor on down , parking is just one example.

Anonymous said...

These so-called beauty strips, that turn ugly very quickly, are a headache for homeowners to maintain in both time and money. We sprayed, pulled, you name it and still couldn't keep them looking good. The borough decides to put these in and then it's up to the homeowners to take care of them, just another way we're screwed. Shovel and salt all winter, spray and pull all summer.

Anonymous said...

so who is going to pull all the (beauty strip ) weeds????

Anonymous said...

The borough should spray killer , they put the bricks there, now care for them.

Anonymous said...

Hurry put bricks in there or you will be sorry. You have to trim trees (with permits)

Anonymous said...

No one doesn't it look nice along 462 coming into town?