Sunday, October 28, 2018

About Town - 10/28/18

This week's photos from around Columbia...
(Tap/click on photos for larger, sharper images.)

Town crier, right on time

 Speaking of time, here's the clock at the small plaza at 5th and Chestnut under an autumn sky.

 A close-up of the same

 Here's the old clock tower at NAWCC.

And yet another timepiece - at NAWCC.


This dragon landed on the 400 block of Poplar.

Here are a few nightlights that popped up on Chestnut Street recently...


These lions (?) watch from the doorway at 401 Walnut.
They should be rehabilitated and repainted.
Looks like there are several layers of old paint on the wood surfaces.

 Here's the one on the right.

 And the one on the left.

 There's also some ornate filigree on the arch above the door.

 Here 's a longer view of the door and doorway - looking quite historic.


 The Easter Bunny is late - or early - but definitely out of season.

 Another of Columbia's majestic old mansions
(South 2nd)

 Here's the datestone.

Considering the next move at the Art Printing building


Looks like the railroad artist is at it again down at the tracks...


 Norfolk Southern's open door policy

 Public housing

 Filling in at River Park

 Not everyone's will fit.

 At one time, this may have said, "ZAPPA IS . . . "(?)

 What's that scrawled on the garage door on Bridge Street?

 Could this be the day the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper?

 Apparently, yellow is the new orange - which by extension is the new black.

 Here's another way to recycle your old bottles.

 Church window at 6th and Chestnut

 This was.
(Burning Bridge Antiques)

 Tis the season.

 In amongst the autumn leaves


 Lying down on the job?

 No, taking out the dock railings at Columbia River Park

 Here's one getting carried away.

 An observer contemplating the railing-less dock

 And here's the dock, being pulled upstream.

 The dock was tethered to this rescue boat.

 It was then pulled to shore by a worker at the boat ramp.

 This huge log (utility pole?) was found caught underneath.

 The log was removed using the backhoe.

 The backhoe's front forks were then placed under a section of the dock.

 Like so.

The section, weighted down for stability, was taken away.

The remaining section was then prepared for the same maneuver.


 Star spangled shirt - and a LEFT TURN sign.
An omen?

Over across the river, someone was stirring up the dust.

 This truck's "track wheels" were in the "down" position at the River Park railroad crossing. It had been riding the rails.

 They were adjusted to the "up" position to allow the truck to travel on paved surfaces.

 The truck even has adjustable steps on the back that descend as needed.

 A boatload of branches and leaves crossed at the crossing.

 Here's another of those architectural features - not aging well.
(2nd & Walnut)


 Crews were out again painting traffic lines this week.

 They drove along North 5th.

 This truck uses the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System with 40,000 psi.

 And there it goes.

 Here's a line painting truck -with reverse lettering.

 Despite the new lines, tractor-trailers still can't successfully negotiate this turn at 5th and Chestnut without entering the opposing lane. Sometimes, the back wheels run over the curb.


 Self-guided tour of Columbia Crossing

 Troweling at 6th and Walnut

 "If you meet the Buddha among the leaves..."

 The back deck at the American Legion is coming along nicely.

 All things come to those who wait.
(320-322 South 2nd)


 Progress at the animal shelter-to-be

 Group shot of a mixed bag
(North 2nd)

 Chipping the stump next to Mount Bethel

 Possibly a miracle has occurred.

 The "Have a Nice Day' guy isn't having such a nice day.

The lady on the mural is waving "Hi" with her stovepipe arm.

 A reader sent this old photo of the historic Wright Mansion on South 2nd.

And another person submitted this great photo of the old tunnel under the railroad tracks at Shawnee Run (near Front and Mill).


Anonymous said...

I really love most of the pictures you post but really wish you would stop the "watchdog critiques" and assails/opinions on what you deem "should be done" or "why is this allowed". My opinion, but i would think that those owners of the properties that you continuously point out and subject to your "the lionheads should be repainted...why doesn't this property have sidewalks, etc" would appreciate you keeping your opinions to yourself. I guess you and every one of your family members and friends own perfect homes/properties that are all without some need of repair?? You end up coming off as a childish tattle tale that gets off on exploiting other peoples misfortunes. Do you think that maybe not all can afford the repairs to your standards? Keep posting the wonderful architectural pics, scenic pics and event pics that show the true beauty of this town and the people from it, we all can do without the tattle tale pics.

Joe Lintner said...

Actually, I've been pretty kind so far.

Anonymous said...

I think your pictures are great! You get really good shots from around town.

Joe Lintner said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your pictures very much i don't feel you are putting anyone down

Anonymous said...

So this person thinks they should have an opinion, but Cole shouldn't?

What kind of logic is that?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Cole. Your doing a great job showing us whats around town.

EMA said...

Tattle tale or not. The pics are usualy great. And looking forward to anymore info on the pet shelter. Such as Will they be offering low costs on shots and fixing pets? Or will this only be adrop off / adopt pets. P.s. i agree the lions are a nice feature but deffinatly need restored to actually match their intended purpose.

Anonymous said...

The sidewalks in some areas make no sense, ending abruptly and then you're in someone's front yard. Then there's an ADA access ramp to nowhere. There was a "Safe Route To School" or SRTS program that included sidewalks along Ironville Pike (construction began late 2014). Kids get to the end of Purples Lane and then walk in the street on Maple Street, so much for safety! Sidewalks should be along every borough street, not randomly placed. I appreciate that someone is pointing the problem out because the borough has been inconsistent and nearly discriminatory with all aspects of enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Maybe investigate why the crossing guards only cross public school children. Also, why the nurse that private schools help pay for has no freaking clue when the Catholic school has events or is closed. We pay tuition AND taxes and we deserve better from this town!!!

Anonymous said...

You have been way too kind Cole. Besides, some things do seem to get the proper attention and correction from the borough,once posted on your website. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Very odd that a public school nurse is expected to know the schedule for private schools. Positively makes no sense.

Unknown said...

comment on things as you see fit sir........the lions do need a face lift ...

Anonymous said...

the private school people pay high taxes don't forget. They should get something for their money right? Why does Hempfield school buses bring Columbia kids to school? I guess Columbia school district pays for that.

Anonymous said...

The residents sending their kids to private school make that choice to do so. Personally, I would yank my kids out so fast their heads would spin after the crimes behind some church affiliated private schools. Close your wallets and stop supporting crimes against children.

Anonymous said...

So what? They still pay taxes in this town and deserve the services offered to other children. Do you have evidence of children being abused at the Catholic School in town? If not, don't say stupid things. If you don't want to invest in your children's future don't try to damn others that do. My kids are long grown now so it's not my issue but for heaven's sake it is people like you that are making this world a nasty place!!!

Anonymous said...

Really, she is their nurse too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have proof that it happened in private schools in our area prove it or keep yourthoughts to yourself. Not all private schools are Catholic either don't forget some people want a better education for their kids.

Anonymous said...

Positively makes no sense to comment when you don't know that facts!

Anonymous said...

No, it's the trusted people abusing the children that make this world a nasty place. It does not have to be a Columbia child being abused to make it a church crime. The Catholic church encompasses more than Columbia and if one child is abused, regardless where they live, it should be your concern as well. Are you saying if it's not your child it's ok? Don't dismiss all the victims who came forward.

Anonymous said...

Have to jump in this conversation and ask...does the Columbia "public school" nurse share time at a private school? Other than taxes, how is she their nurse too? Please explain.