Sunday, September 9, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around town...

All you need is love (as well as food, water, shelter, and clothing, not necessarily in that order).

Read all about it.

 Ghost sign:

 Knox Box, large economy size

 Bell tower, Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Bell tower, NAWCC

 Hazy morning

 Scooter, old-school

 Fencing match

 People and animals found ways to stay cool during the stifling heat earlier this week.


 Meet the candidates this coming Friday at the Hambones Social Club, 726 Manor Street

 Heron on the fly

 Lift with umbrella sunshade

 The past peeking through the asphalt

 Hanging around

 Down at the crossing

 Downtown Train

 Steps to the bridge?

 Columbia Water Company datestone - 1849

 Down at Locust and Bank Avenue, what was to be apartments... now weeds and a big hole in the ground, which could still be a tourist attraction. It all depends on the marketing, or as we say in Columbia, the "visioning."

 Shovel at rest on the 500 block of Walnut

Don't hang with the little people.

Mural lights, real and depicted

 Illuminated mural

 Here, too, although the lights were on the building first.

Add this to the growing list of Columbia's murals, this one seen recently on Lawrence Street.

 Burglar alarm - says so right there (?)

 In the window at Global Time Wizard

 Rectangular plaque at the town square

 And there's the square.

 Goin' up!

 No, don't be hanging around there.

 Egret taking a look around

 Profile shot

 Side by side on the wrong side

 Monarch with tattered wings

 But stay hydrated

 Meanwhile, in Marietta

 View from up north

 Pounding the ice

 Sticker shock

 Grumpy groundhog


Anonymous said...

Nice pics thanks cole

Anonymous said...

The view coming into town on route 441, as shown, is a most spectacular view. I have friends who are not from the area point that out. We just take it for granted. Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of positives going on in Columbia! Visitors to this site or the town, please ignore all the negative people. Well, except for taxes and under performing schools.

Anonymous said...

Failing schools, out of control council

Unknown said...

Nice pictures. Thanks for all the postings.

Anonymous said...

I see Marietta is doing the piano thing like they do in Lancaster city and park city!

Wil Torbert said...

What are "negative people" Mr. Or Mrs. Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

So no apartment building at Bank Avenue and Locust St.?

Anonymous said...

People are tired of all the money going to the money pit, I don't see all the positive things that this person sees but with the money pit money being used in the (hole) town it might, but if the powers that be keep it at the river maybe they should block it off from the real town, Columbia is NOT Lititz and will never be , but you can't put all the eggs in the river park.

Anonymous said...

Make the school system on line , no building , no big pay roll , it was good for the adminastrators .