Sunday, September 30, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia . . .

The lion's share of the morning light
(Chestnut Street)

Hurt sign
(7th Street and Purples Lane)

Mirror, Mirror
(4th & Locust)

Looks like Warren Buffett will make a few more bucks.
(Front & Bridge)

Back door to Lazy K
(Avenue H)

All decked out
(Walnut Street)

Sign of fall
(Walnut Street)

Another Knox Box takes hold.
(Walnut Street)

Rinse and spit.
(Locust Street)

Architectural features
(Locust Street)
More of the same

Go home, Weather Vane - You're drunk.
(Bank Avenue)

Seams, it seems.
(South 2nd Street)

Workin' on the railroad
(2nd & Mill)

At the controls

All aboard

A couple standing far too close to a fast-moving train on a rainy night

Summer's end

Don't cry over spilled paint.
(Florence Street)

(South 5th)

Ignore the sign. Looks like he made a break for it.
(Mill Street)

Datestone at Mt. Zion AME Church

And another

Over at Ashley Tabernacle - two datestones

Ashley Tabernacle
(South 5th)

12:44 p.m., Eastern Backyard Time
(South 5th)

A lot to unpack here
(Walnut Street)

Even the spiders got rained out.

Another fog photo

So, who's supposed to be mowing this?
(North 2nd)

Boot . . . 

(Bridge Street)

Golden Arches

This flagpole is dedicated to veterans.

And here it is.
This one at the post office needs some looking after.

Not the Uffington White Horse - just one of many decorative hitching posts that seem to be everywhere around town.
(Union Street)

(Nope, don't do it.)

Stars on the side
(Concord Avenue)

More signs of fall
(Concord Avenue)

Cracking/peeling paint with a sign underneath
(South 6th)

Sorry, guys - Ya gotta go!

Doorway arch
(North 3rd)

Bridge arch

Confederate flag plate and Yankee candle
(Bridge Street)

The sinkhole is sinking again.
(Bridge Street)

Date step?
(2nd & Walnut)

Unattended equipment - What could possibly go wrong?
(Walnut Street)


Signs down on North 7th

(Locust Street)

OK - That works.
(Walnut Street)

That's one way to rope 'em in.
(By the way, what's that SCCA sign still doing there?)

In Heaven, there is no beer.
(Laurel Hill Cemetery)

Building materials?
(North 6th)

Moon trapped in a treetop
(Laurel Hill Road)

Trailer park?
(Purples Lane)

We received the following two photos, accompanied by the caption: "320 South 2nd Street. The hole gets bigger every time the street sweeper goes over."