Sunday, August 26, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

 A face from the past

 "Temporarily immortalized" on the mural at Eastern Drillers

 Work in progress

 Contact info


A wider view

The finished project will look something like this.


Knox box

 Since the passage of the key lock box ordinance, businesses are beginning to comply. Looks like this building at Front and Bridge has had a box in place for some time.

 Even though there's no roof.
Here's a few more around town:

Even the judge has one.


 That fence on Heritage is bent again.

 Time for another fix.

Oh wait, someone already tried a fix.


Some date stones from around town...


 Hands across the pillar

 Some of Columbia's vintage architecture


 One the 300 block of Chestnut: two more examples of Columbia's unique architecture, here and below:


 On the first block of South 2nd: Patch City

 Continuous seam - on and on and on

 Achtung! German soft pretzels. Das ist gut!

 Non-matching pair

 New lights at Rotary Park

 Don't be.
Let your freak flag fly!

 Second breakfast

 Fixing up, sprucing up

 Air BnB on North Fourth


 Spraying down town square

 Red-tail biding his time

 All the flags are a-flyin'.

 Out on Grinnell Avenue...

 Water is continuously being pumped from a basement on 11th Street. The house was built on a spring.

There's the pipe leading from the sump pump. The borough plans to install an inlet and a line along the street to channel the water.

 Apple thief

 Gold pebble with a green cross on a concrete pine cone...ok...whatever, this is Columbia after all. Anything goes.

 Old School thermometer

 Shot glass
(Peerless Hardware)

 Down at the bridge plaza

 Serve it at home.
Well, why wouldn't you?

 Hole in the highway

 Yep, they dug this up, too.

In a hole under a tent

 A rehabbed house with two apartments and no available parking? How did this get through?

One meter is paid. The other isn't.
How would meter enforcement handle this?

 Stone house

 The Amvets is relocating, but the building is for sale.

 La Voz: news for your head and a seat for your behind

 What could go wrong?

 Progress at the animal shelter

 This wheat field on Ironville Pike was finally cut down this week after growing all summer.

 Sprayin' 'em down!

 So that's how they get the mud off the steps.

 Good job!

 A reminder

 Good quote

 3rd & Cherry

 Another one in the "What could go wrong?" department: A gas fixture along the curb, unprotected, with this flimsy tubing

Anyway, right across the street, there's this plaque at what is now a church.

 Mourning doves on the rails

 Speaking of rails . . .

Norfolk Southern keeps running these oddball machines up and down the tracks.


 Fence down!
(Behind Hotel Locust)

 Another door to nowhere -
(See last week's "About Town.")

 It's still there.
(See last week's "About Town.")

 Abandoned aspirations

 One of a chorus of many this time of year

Under the bridge

 Someone threw together these materials for support.

Sections of I-beams . . . and blocks of wood?

 The words "slapdash" and "ramshackle" come to mind.

That bridge rehab project can't come a moment too soon.


 Google tells us this is a northern flicker, a type of woodpecker.

The dock is used for many things

 Fishermen - Please don't cut and run. Wildlife gets caught up in this stuff.

 Aladdin's lamp on the 300 block of Locust?

 And now this is a tripping hazard.

Over on the 500 block of Walnut

 Residents are expected to walk on these boards to get home. And if you have physical limitations, too bad!

 Well, that was damned careless.


 New lines on Commerce Street

 2nd gear?

 68 - a troubled year in America

 These will be coming down in the historic district as people move out (new edict).

 Missing cap in Avenue G

 Caught in the act

Overhead cargo

Biker rally


Anonymous said...

Not only is there no available parking at the two unit apartment, there is no parking on that side of the street either. So no opportunity for off street parking and very limited on street parking, yet others have been scrutinized by the borough over the need for off street spaces. Pull in the reins for all not some. Indeed, how DO these inconsistencies get by?

Anonymous said...

How did they make that single house into appartments on 5th ? Council better get codes involved.

Anonymous said...

There it is more time for borough workers at the money pit, that's why the rest of town looks like it does.

Anonymous said...

That always was a two unit. It was grandfathered accordingly.

Anonymous said...

I bet the repairs (2) on the heritage dr. fence are more $ than to have a chain link fence installed the whole distance. Another council fart as stated before.

Brian Long said...

Quite a governmental-like response; could the response have been posted by a government employee or public servant? If so, why no "pride of authorship?"

Anonymous said...

Fear of retaliation for having a differing opinion. This town is good for that.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with the "Grandfathered" excuse. This town needs to stop allowing things that are detrimental to progress. Start by treating everyone equal. Example: In order to sell a two unit property, one resident had to provide a second, off street space (there already was one space). She had to pay a lawyer to hash this out with those in authority. Yet one block away these non-resident owners have a two unit with zero parking. So again, the out of town landlords reign over resident landlords.

ColumbiaPa said...

That house looks much better than before, congrats to whomever purchased that eyesore and rehabbed it! Hope you get great tennants!

Eric J. White said...

"Grandfathered" is not something Columbia should, or should want to mess with. It is an essential value in a property.
Stop trying to control your neighbors. Everytime I see one of these kinds of comments, reminds me why I want completely OUT of columbia, and would never invest another dime there.

Anonymous said...

That's ok frost is coming

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by stop trying to control your neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Some of those making the "new" rules for others have themselves been exempt from their own new rules through grandfathering. Sounds not so fair or it just sounds like Columbia.