Sunday, August 19, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

 Keeping watch

Black-eyed Susans at Columbia River Park

 Bathed in heavenly light - a pic from last week's baptism

 Here's another one.

 During the baptism, this plane flew over...

...trailing this message in seeming mockery of the ceremony.

 Some folks would call this a "tree RAT."

And here's a RAT snake from Thursday's reptile show...hmmmm...

 Let's try this again. This collection box was recently placed on Front Street near the Veterans Memorial Bridge. The one that was stationed at the Columbia Plaza a month or so again attracted all manner of trash and used furniture and had to be removed.

Here's another one - in the parking lot of Little's Beverage.

A pink chimney? Well, why not?

 More inane graffiti...Looks like the "artist's" name is D...something...D...DIMWIT, that's it! 

 A rock of inspiration down by the bridge

 Ethereal paws reaching out of (or into?) the void

A backyard

 Working hard or hardly working?

 Town crier

 Another reason to quit smoking - It makes you too lazy to properly dispose of your empty pack.

 A Canada Goose narrowly avoided a wooden crate as debris floated down the river earlier this week.

 That's one way to haul your blocks.

 Date plaque at Poplar Street School
Manor School's says 1896.

 Trash, over and above

 Digging a hole on Route 462 to repair a broken water pipe

 Second-story door to nowhere

 In the words of Buzz Aldrin: "Magnificent desolation"

Some residents on the 500 block of Walnut have to walk the plank to get to their front door.
No safety hazard here

 The Edible Classroom looking edible

 Quite a yield over at Park School


 Diggin' it on the 400 block of Locust

 This painting project at the Haitian Maranatha Church on the 200 block of Locust is on hold for now.

 Sweeping up or stirring up on Commerce Street?

 More of the same

 Lights were installed at the parking lot next to Commerce this week.

 Here they are.

They're similar to the ones elsewhere around town.

The elusive American Goldfinch CAPTURED! (momentarily)

 Walking the trail

 A sinkhole beginning to sink?

 Right off Avenue I

 Sittin' on a post, watchin' the day pass by

 Soon to be gone: what's left of a tree at Mount Bethel

 Down on North 2nd: This has been here for over a week.

The sign at River Park states that this parking area is for vehicles with trailers only. Just look at all those vehicles with trailers NOT PARKED THERE...


River rescue

The mural at Eastern Drillers continues to expand.

Here's another view.

Racers for Trump?
Today, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said, "Truth isn't truth." So apparently it's a race to the bottom.

 Bald eagle on a Civil War bridge pier this morning . . .


 Nature's abstract - mud on the steps of the kayak launch area at River Park

 Vintage T-bird parked at the Watch & Clock Museum

Kind of retro-futuristic

 Here's another vehicle - a hearse - for sale . . .


Anonymous said...

Where is that yard that is full of all that junk

Joe Lintner said...

2nd & Walnut, next to Rotary Park

Anonymous said...

Good to see some get baptized but still don't understand why it has to be at a public boat ramp. Accoding to your pics it only looks like 2 were baptized that closed down the area for several hours.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the edible classroom. The planks on Walnut Street are a safety hazard to residents there. It seems something else could be installed during construction. And wonder why some sections of town get free sidewalks with road paving and other areas are left for home owners to have to replace at substantial cost.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wby does it hurt to close the boat ramp for one time each year

Radical rag said...

If you look at the walnut street pictures again you will see orange "safety" barrels with caution tape blocking off the access to the planks, but like everyone will do before they put stone in, people will cross there, something is better then nothing

Joe Lintner said...

There may have been more. We got there near the end, after attending the library dedication.

Joe Lintner said...

The planks are ridiculous - and dangerous. Who will be held liable if someone gets hurt?

Anonymous said...

The baptism could have been held at the Union Street boat ramp. While public, it is used much less. Lots of parking along Heritage Drive. The food and music could still be held in River Park. The borough could and should make better access to the Locust Street public river front area. Doing so would create another point from which boaters could launch or where baptisms could be held.

Anonymous said...

Home owners insurance to start with.

Anonymous said...

I don't ses any reason why the boat ramp can't be used for that service pne time a year

Anonymous said...

It's a large river that provides many spots for a baptism and a public boat ramp shouldn't be one of them. People from other areas coming to use and not knowing.Island cabin owners coming in. Fire department access for river rescue are a few I can think of.

Anonymous said...

I agree. A good cause.

Anonymous said...

Cole, thaks for the amazing pictures! We really enjoy all of them.
Not sure where to say this...but...a lot of people read your blog. COuld you please do a big article about people cutting the grass into and onto the streets/roadways? this is a very SERIOUS issue in the boro and also west hempfield. this is a very dangerous thing for bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians sliipping, sliding, going down, wrecking. AND the grass ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. Please spread this news on your blog, your facebook and maybe people will share it to all the local sites like you know you're from Columbia if......thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If the fire dep't needs the boat ramp, I'm sure the church members are more than willingly to, you know, move over a few feet. That is the most ridiculous argument I've heard yet.

Anonymous said...

The borough collects grass clippings for free, Why not bag them instead of blowing them in the street and hoping they wash down to your neighbors

Anonymous said...

Exactly! For crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

The borough website specifically states grass clippings will not be accepted

Anonymous said...

Jesus said give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime. Block a man from fishing at a public boat ramp you are starving him both physically and emotionally.

Anonymous said...

River valley disposal also collects grass clippings if you put them in your trash tote.

Annie Mouse said...

Easy there, Thumper ... Found noy reference in The Bible that points to Jesus coming up with a thought so conservative.

Here's what came up in a search: "This proverb is not in Bible. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is a quote from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism. However, there are passages in the Bible that generally convey the same ideology."

Anonymous said...

Thumper is just trying to add a little humour to the conversation but here again a liberal weighs in to point out something against Conservatives.