Sunday, August 12, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

River Baptism

Morning in Rotary Park

In the window at Burning Bridge Antiques - 
Google tells us this is a Biedermeier painting, a style popular in the first half of the 19th century.

Making a new friend over by the Mifflin House on Walnut

The media descend on the committee.
(At last Wednesday's legislative committee meeting that included discussion of the Knox Box issue)

Forgotten work table?


At the site of the proposed animal shelter

Big chunks of concrete were turned into little stones.

There's a big pile there now, but what will it be used for?

This partial wall is the only thing left besides the roof and framework. 

A long shot

Outside machines at Keystone Cap, relics from a former era 

Follow your bliss - and there it is.
(Well, someone's anyway)

Did the operator who ran this machine feel bliss?

The beauty of rust

The proverbial ton of bricks, which some people's Karma will cause them to be hit with.

Well-decorated porch

Low flier sporting the presidential seal

Off on its way to...where?
(Probably HIA)

There's that green heron again - looking for breakfast

Bagworm cocoons 

Wildflowers at River Park

Good seat, nice view

He's still there, near 4th & Chestnut 

The School District Administration Center formerly a church, at 5th and Chestnut

The Elks Club on Chestnut

A grand old house, now apartments, further down on Chestnut

The Owls Club, also known as the Columbia Fraternal Association, at 3rd and Chestnut

The former Poplar Street School, then an art gallery, now for sale, at 3rd and Poplar

That's one small step for a crow... giant leap for crowkind.

Later, over in Avenue I

Another low flier

Mowing at 4th & Locust 

Hey, isn't that the Market House sign?

Piling up in Avenue I

Oh great, more apartments 

What's that on the wall?
No, it's not a key lock box.

It's for reading water usage.

Bird on a wire - barbed wire, that is

Lights are being installed at Rotary Park.

Obelisk with lights at the Veterans Memorial Bridge

Canine Corps keeping the alleyways safe

Looking like a giant yellowjacket, STAT MedEvac

Speaking of wasps and the like, here's a hornet's nest - hopefully abandoned - on the 300 block of Walnut

The Pledge, created by a Socialist 

Snazzy mail truck 

Down Up Down Up

Decisions decisions 

Metal stars such as this one appear on several brick homes in town.

They are functional and can help secure a bulging wall, according to the article HERE.

This guy is warning people about a fire, but he's carrying a flaming torch.

Fancy gate

Decorative stars? But not like the ones shown above.

Workin' on the railroad 

Well, quack!

Reflecting but not necessarily reminiscing

New speed bump at the high school

Abandoned vehicle up near Kleen-Rite

Flagger Force forgot their sign.

Abandoned van on Bank Avenue?

No license plate, but the key's in the ignition 

Might not get too far with that flat, though 

Not to mention the expired inspection sticker 

Down at Tollbooth Antiques, a space to keep your brews - or departed relatives

Someone didn't like the flasher.

Time for a second look at these signs?

May be time to look at this one, too - if you can find it

A jumble of wires

Were they formerly inside this box?


Anonymous said...

Sadly, there's not liberty and justice for all.

Anonymous said...

Great job cole. Telephone company doesn't care about its wires , I called 3 times about wires down , the person is in Texas , I just cut them off as high as I could reach.

Anonymous said...

Wow look at the board for the borough no town business people on it, the ones that should be there aren't , maybe the way the borough is ran has something to do with that.

Anonymous said...

Cole, looks like those cats are posing for you!

Anonymous said...

one thing most of the pictures have in common - WEEDS !! , or perhaps they are ornamental

Anonymous said...

tell them there is a live wire swinging around the sidewalk and it is sparking

Anonymous said...

telephone wires don't have enough voltage to spark, I even told them a car could get hooked to it and pull down the main by running over it , didn't seam to matter.

Anonymous said...

I called the borough and they said its not there problem.