Sunday, August 5, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

A workman reconnects lines at 9th and Ironville Pike Saturday afternoon.
A broken utility pole on Ironville Pike next to this one brought down lines and a transformer Friday night/Saturday morning.

Here's a long shot of the scene.
[Submitted photo]

 There's a new gallery sign on the 400 block of Locust

 Down at Columbia River Park: pondering the rain garden

 Detective - possibly detecting - but not the yellow line

 A rare specimen of parrotus metallicus
Note the beak and feet.

 Painting pillars at the library

 Norfolk Southern holding up the works

 CBFD hosed the mud off the docks at River Park this week.

This is what's left of the former Vigilant Fire Company. 
Rumor has it that it will become an animal shelter, but whoever is in charge of the project seems to be making haste slowly, like a lot of projects in town.

Here's a "closer-up" view. 

 Visitors to this dock may have been stumped.

Black-eyed Susans at River Park

 Traffic counter on Bridge Street


Visitor covered in pollen

This sunflower stood about ten feet tall.

 Police responded to a person down on Bank Avenue

 Down at the Von Hess building . . .

 ...tree trimming

 Down at 2nd and Chestnut


 Paving Commerce Street

 Along for the ride

Fixing the sign

 There, that's better.

 No parking along the yellow line, if you can find it

 In the window of Burning Bridge Antiques

 Illegal turn at 5th and Chestnut 

Surveying equipment at 4th and Locust

There must be surveyors about.

 There they are, surveying - or something. 

Mystery man working at Hinkle's

CAP's in town.

 Staying informed

A look heavenward

 Fresh coat of paint at Royer's

 Ridin' in the back seat

As of this posting (Sunday, August 5), the trail is still closed due to last week's rock slide.

 Up at the track


 On point

 More mess on 9th

 Comin' at ya!

Doors, closed but not locked

Chairs, completely ventilated 

Rust is all the rage this year.

A batch of balusters

 Grinding wheel - or 19th-Century exercise bike?

Terra cotta pipes

Batten down the hatch to keep your brew secure.

Wagon wheel, minus the wagon

 Blue ladder - just because

 The sign seems appropriate.

 Grave marker of Jimmy Sheckard, major league baseball who Columbia claims as its own. Columbia Spy reported on a memorial dedication to Sheckard HERE.

 Someone left this baseball there.

 Vermin undermining
Groundhogs are digging around graves at Laurel Hill. 

No sign needed - Who would enter such a dark, forbidding place anyway?

The old silk mill, now the site of the Turkey Hill Experience.
[Submitted photo]

Horn Chevrolet,  now the site of the Cycle Den
[Submitted photo]


Anonymous said...

Why don't they put a casino at McGinness that would bring revenue to Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Columbia past.

Anonymous said...

Borough employees to busy at the money pit to spray weeds in gutters and do any thing intown, the borough wants the tax payers to do more clean up around town. Make McGinness air stripe a casino and hotel, will bring money and other things to town, who knows what this council will do but you know one thing for shore, it will BE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!

Anonymous said...

Great place for out houses , heaven knows that the s--- is deep in there.

Anonymous said...

Closing locust st to foot traffic realy helped the business on Saterday, WHY NOT HAVE THE BEER THING AT THE PIT???

Anonymous said...

FYI friends...Columbia Burger King is not my first choice for fast food. My son suggested it so we grabbed a quick bite. Used the drive thru. Got home to of course find half the order missing. I ran back over and explained to the manager. He personally did my order. Which I find hard to believe because he was out back smoking when I went through. All I asked was to replace to burgers that went with the missing fries so We didn’t have to eat a soggy burger. He refused. He would only give the food they missed. I didn’t feel I was being unreasonable, but the manager's idea of a solution is throwing my receipt at me and tell me “How about you go #*$& yourself”. Wow!!!! Really!! I will never be caught at a Burger King ever again. Be warned. Smh

Anonymous said...

What you couldn't walk to your joint? There was plenty of foot traffic.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, bringing a casino to Columbia just might be the ticket to get people in here. How about turning Hotel Locust into a three-story Casino and restaurant. I bet it would suddenly come to life then! Nothing else seems to be working, it's worth a try.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw some of the portable toilets, they were on the sidewalk against a porch with beautiful wrought iron railing. Later they were moved slightly away from the porch, sharing space near the water company office. For the borough, the chamber, or whoever was in charge of that function to give permission for toilets to be placed in front of a residence, they need their heads checked. If those toilets would have been placed close to my porch, all kinds of hell would have broke loose. They could have been lined up along the abandoned building at the corner of Locust and Second Streets. There is a large empty lot at Fourth and Locust, could have been there too.

Anonymous said...

No they stopped you

Anonymous said...

There is no chance for a casino in Columbia. All the available licenses have been sold. Mountainview Racing, which holds the licenses for Hollywood Casino, already bough licenses and are planning casinos in York County and Berks County. Even if other licenses were available, the restricting radius that prohibits casinos being built in areas near where other casinos are located would prevent Columbia from getting one.

Anonymous said...

I saw a lot of foot traffic downtown. Please explain how this did not help businesses on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't have a wrist ban they told you that you can't go on the street or sidewalk, is that simple enough to understand?

Anonymous said...

Gladfelters field should have been used , fenced,parking, not closing locust st, we need people with common sense running this town.

Anonymous said...

LOOKS LIKE 6 NEW OFFICES at the borough building , now it should be big enough for all the out of town employees!

Anonymous said...

How would sampling beer help local businesses, a drunk haggling a price at a shop?????

Anonymous said...

The house where the toilets were placed is condemned!

Anonymous said...

That was ridiculous to have beer in town are they encouraging people to drink alcohol? How did they know some were of age too?

Anonymous said...

My husband n I went there last night some guy with big holes in his ears did our order the salad I got was horrible I couldn’t even eat it n usually I love their salads but I didn’t feel like going back to complain

Spanky99 said...

The event was well controlled and there were a lot of out of towners visiting and having a positive experience in a town that normally gets a bad reputation. Even the business owners were out enjoying the day.

Spanky99 said...

Everyone got carded and was given a wrist band and hand stamp

Anonymous said...

Condemned doesn't mean no one lives there. Check out the codes youall .

Joe Lintner said...

There are four apartments at that location. Only apartments 2, 3 and 4 are condemned.

Anonymous said...

thanks cole