Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rotary Avenue and Commerce Street Are Now One-Way

Drivers on Walnut Street are no longer permitted to turn onto Commerce Street.

Rotary Avenue and Commerce Street are now one-way. (Rotary Avenue runs parallel to the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Commerce Street runs between Rotary Avenue and Walnut Street.)

Drivers must now access Rotary Avenue from Front Street and exit by turning right onto Commerce Street. Drivers on Walnut Street are no longer permitted to turn onto Commerce.

A new parking lot was recently installed along Commerce Street.

Drivers are no longer permitted to enter Front Street from Rotary Avenue. Rotary is now a one-way street running east (towards Rotary Park).

A sign on Walnut Street directs drivers to a parking area.

UPDATE (Tuesday morning): The parking sign has been removed. A "No Right Turn" arrow has been added.


HeatherZ said...

So people driving down Walnut see the new parking spaces but cant access them unless they go down to Front st. Is there signage direcring people how to access the parking?

Joe Lintner said...

Yes, drivers must go down Walnut, turn right onto Front, then right onto Rotary Avenue, then right onto Commerce Street to access the parking lot. We updated the article with a photo of a sign for parking.

Anonymous said...

Yes they have the money from the sale of the sewer company burning holes in there pockets, but when it is gone then what? What do the tax payers want with a air field , more tax payer money being spent . What about the rest of town, it needs are not a pet prodject for council.