Sunday, July 8, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

(Tap/click on photos for larger, clearer images.)

More activity at Colonial Metals this week

 The saga begins here. The gate was opened; the forklift was loosed.

 It caught up with these guys over in the employee parking lot, otherwise empty these days.

But the driver apparently didn't like the camera.
And that's the story, for now.

Later - on Friday - this truck was creeping around the grounds and in and out of the gate.


 Sawing the sidewalk on the 500 block of Chestnut

 Mayflies - all you can eat at the 7th Street LGH.

 Like the sign says

 Measuring Makle - part of the $67,000 park study?

 Trying to beat the heat, which was brutal and oppressive mid-week.

 Fish Window Cleaning power washing the wall at Eastern Drillers, in preparation for the mural installation.

The wall was later primed.
More info on the mural project HERE

Watch this space at 3rd & Locust.  A mural is planned for here, also.

The mural will look something like this.

 Brewery coming soon at 224 Locust
More info HERE

 There might be room for a few more items on this porch.

 Much like the mayflies arriving in June, this June bug showed up in July.

 Sun protection while painting

 Furling the flag on the Fourth

 Codes out and about

 Growing bigger every day.

 Street sweeper chugging along on the bridge.
Gotta keep it clean somehow.

 More parking spaces coming on Commerce Street

 Caught unawares!

Contemplating Plan B

 Getting up in the world

 Checking the lights at the NAWCC clock tower

 That way!

This is what's inside the base of the tower.


 Getting it together at 208-210 Locust

 Work stoppage at the apartment project at the bottom of Locust?

 Even Bank Avenue, which had been partially fenced off for the project, has been opened.

 An Air Force One-looking plane over the town

 Sidewalk seating

 "A New Life LLC" houses residents at 228-230 Cherry Street. Chris Dreisbach, who oversees the project, recently told borough officials that the facility is for men only. However, women are routinely seen at the site also, as shown above. 

 Buddhist statuary on South 2nd

 Some nice ladies out early at Tollbooth Antiques

 The soon-to-be animal shelter at the former CCFD building on South 10th

 Open-air roof, soon to be remedied

 Another look

 The once and future floor

Here's what's left of the old floor slab.

 This guy was throwing the rubble into a large dumpster.


 And now for a few lilies

 A few more

Wait a minute . . .what?

 Anyway, here's Jesus, looking all cosmic and such

 Here he is again, with that weird light around him. 

 Large pipes with large blades, most likely part of the ongoing pipeline project.

What a difference a week makes. That's a difficult area to mow.

"Lucero" the two-year-old teacup chihuahua was out for a walk at 5th & Chestnut the other day.

The red, white, blue, white, and red!

This is how they decked out the buildings in the old days.
(This building at 2nd & Locust was once a hardware store.)

 This building at 3rd & Chestnut was named "Roselawn."

 From the early 1900's - Steamboat Mary, on the Columbia side

 Trolley and Town Hall in the 1930s

 Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Station
Demolished 1976. The architect was Frank Furness.
The site is now a parking lot on Bank Avenue. The building on the far left, owned by the Von Hess Foundation, is still there.

 The Rising Sun Hotel circa 1900, which decades later became Prudhomme's.

Round house crew at Front & Bridge

 The former Town hall and Opera House, which was destroyed by fire on February 19, 1947. A new structure, now Borough Hall,  was built at the site at 3rd & Locust.

 F.W Woolworth Co. 5&10 Cent Store on the 300 block of Locust. The top part of the structure was removed, and the building became a Masonic lodge and is now... apartments?

Circa 1900

An ad from the Columbia Business Directory. Note the prices.


Radical rag said...

Is that the columbia street sweeper running across the, state owned bridge? If so i really hope the state is paying columbia borough for this service

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are very cute....until they get into your attic! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Cole, I really love the old time photos!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Borough is paid for doing this by PennDOT per the agreement with them.

Anonymous said...

i don't think so how much are the paying