Sunday, July 15, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

(Tap/click on each photo to see a larger, clearer image.)

He was walking around on the 200 block of Locust Street the other day.

Apparently, he was checking for lead paint with a radioactive zap gun, also known as an LPA-1 XRF Lead Paint Spectrum Analyzer. Is he a member of the codes department or an outside interventionist?

 We all have to start somewhere.

 Charred vehicles from the Cloverton Drive fire 

Another view


Roofers roofing on a roof

Is there a budding Matisse in our midst?

Yes, do it.

On the lookout 

A really nice scene 

Glittery rock

Burned out bottle rocket
Council will consider passing a fireworks ordinance at its August meeting. 

Lincoln Highway marker

An engine just hanging around

Oriental religious statue

A plow that's probably too big for that small area

A park ranger at Columbia River Park...
Seems fitting 

Here's his vehicle.

Speaking of vehicles, the following three reader-submitted photos show illegally parked vehicles used by borough officials...


Grinding the joints on the backside of 301 Locust 

Cleaning up a few days later
A mural is planned for here.

208-210 Locust, primed

Adding a first coat

Was he broken up about something?

It's not supposed to work this way.
This mess at the Columbia Plaza, along with the collection box, was cleaned up and taken away a day or two later.

Workers on the roof of the former Vigies building 

When on a roof,  it's good to be tethered. 

A day or two later: under roof

He thinks he's hiding.

Hard at work 


Chinook overhead

Up close look at that nasty grin

Two killdeers down at the tracks

Suddenly, there were three.

And then just one, crying all by his lonesome.

Graffiti on the Rotary Park picnic tables

Restocking skid row

Catbird with a mayfly 
There's plenty for everyone. 

Sometimes a door is a gate.

Where the sidewalk ends...
Not every property has a sidewalk, but what happens when hedges are planted right on the required three-foot setback? These hedges near Fourth and Poplar also block the line of sight for drivers.

Borough officials and others checked out the entrance to River Park last Wednesday to observe traffic issues.

Here's an example.

Rowhouses on 6th

Fenced in.

Him too

A different use for a bicycle 

Ready to ride

 Shawnee 3

 Bell tower at the former Shawnee Fire Company building

 Security office?

 Yes it is.

 The once-again broken backboard at Makle has been taken down.

 This is where dumpsters are born.

 Super-compact train car

 Broken ridge vent

 Either fix it, or hope it doesn't rain.

Who's supposed to cut these down?

 What happened to that section of fence along Heritage Drive?
(It wasn't the section that was broken.)

 Here's a close-up

 Unattended gas pump.
It clicked off just before this photo was taken.

 The "water wheel" at the high school football field

 Rock salt on a tree stump

 Above it all

 Ornate old gate

 Here's a close-up

 Shadow fence along Mount Bethel Cemetery

 Stirring up dust on the 600 block of Locust

 Finishing up Friday morning at the library

Keeping level

Biting the dust?

More progress at Andy's auxiliary 

Parking lot paving along Commerce Street

X Mark's the spot. 

Ready to roll

Almost done 

The almost-finished product 

At the library 

Around back

New deck furniture 


 There was a Saturday morning baseball game at the high school.


 The gallery banner blew up onto the rooftop click, click, click.

 Artist at work

 Enjoying the day

Volunteers turned out on Saturday to move boxes of books back into the library.


 On the 400 block of Locust

Later, something else was added.

 Sticker shock


Will the last person to leave Columbia, please turn out the lights.


Anonymous said...

The guy checking for leaded paint, why does he think he is allowed to trespass? This town is out of effing control anymore, between this and the codes people trespassing on private property. SMFH!!!!

Radical rag said...

The highway guys still,dont wear vest, dark blue shirt and gray pants?? How about reflective vest!!, rakes are not aloud on comercial work paving, how about some blactop loots!! Do it right next time

Anonymous said...

There was an article awhile back stating they were going to be checking for lead in Columbia. My daughter had lead poisoning. This is a good thing they're doing!

Anonymous said...

There never was a section of fence on Heritage Drive, as comment implies. It was left open at owners request, for access.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think he is trespassing? He works for a Lead Poisoning Prevention Program which does environmental assessments (with residents permission) when a child has lead poisoning.

Anonymous said...

High weeds/grass along railroad tracks are clearly within the railroad Right of Way. Take your question to Norfolk Southern. For 50 years the railroad let it grow out of control with brush and trees, now there is some high weeds and your just now noticing?

Anonymous said...

Why is Pam Williams spending all that money on Parks when they are always damaged? I bet if it was her money she would'nt do anything about it. Parks need more security.

Anonymous said...

If this town is so out of control, thereis an alternative. Move

Eric J. White said...

How many roofs, could a roofer roof, if a roofer could roof roofs?

Anonymous said...

It's so simple to say the alternative is to move. Why should residents have to leave their homes because others are misusing and abusing taxpayer dollars? That's just not how it works.

Joe Lintner said...

That's over my head.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, as long as he has permission.

Anonymous said...

As long as it is with property owners permission.

Eric J. White said...


Anonymous said...

The people who misuse the clothing collection boxes are doing nothing less than committing a crime. Seriously, there is no excuse for dumping your old furniture and junk at these boxes under the guise you are donating it. If they had the means to transport it to this box they could have driven the extra few miles to the landfill but of course they would have to pay a fee at the landfill.

Anonymous said...

What about the mural at edm?? I heard it is on hold.

Anonymous said...

On the matter of the codes guy trespassing, We had a man who we did know and was not welcome at my home, who I was having trouble with open my front door and stepped inside, Half of him was inside my home. My wife called me, I called the police and they said was she in danger, I said don't know scared the hell out of her. The officer said nothing we can do, so I said so I can just walk up to any house and open the front door, said yes., OK

Anonymous said...

wow you must be an expert at doing blacktop. i have worked in the blacktop industry for years i don't see anything they are doing wrong rakes are used to help push base loots are used for the top coat plus i have watch these guys put blacktop down they do a very good job. vest not required if not on state roads

Anonymous said...

The mayor said at a council meeting JUST PUT A QUARTER IN THE METER but he didn't it is his truck parked to closed to corner and a expired meter . DO AS HE SAYS NOT AS HE DOES is getting old , how about the citizens do as he does and storm the judges office with the pics.

Anonymous said...

metal or wood back boards are good for play grounds.

Anonymous said...

what $ 32,000 for a fence with holes in it gezz

Joe Lintner said...

No, just now posting. Since the codes department is cracking down, they may as well give Norfolk Southern a quick ticket, too.

Anonymous said...

Agreed...putting glass backboards in a playground is just plan stupid.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a link to the LNP story on Columbia affordable day care and wellness center. Something much needed in the community and also a sign of the demographics in this poor town.

Joe Lintner said...

See today's post from the press release we received: "CHI St. Joseph Children's Health Reveals Plans for $6.4 Million Project at 401 Locust"

Anonymous said...

Youall know that the mayor and council are ABOVE the law.

Anonymous said...

Codes can't cite Norfolk Southern because they are regulated by federal interstate commerce laws. That was decided by federal court in other jurisdictions years ago.

Anonymous said...

Well the borough paved a old access road now they MUST cut or spray it, BUT what about all the weeds in the gutters in town ??? OPEN A CAN OF WORMS , now they have to eat them.

Anonymous said...

How many times do you repair these?????

Anonymous said...

Sewer money is burning a hole in there pockets