Monday, June 18, 2018

Man wins First Amendment Supreme Court case that protects citizens at public meetings

A South Florida man won a First Amendment victory at the Supreme Court on Monday in a case that could protect citizens from arrest for voicing their displeasure at elected officials during public meetings.

The court's decision affects citizens who attend public meetings to vent and question the actions of elected officials.

The man kept speaking after a member of council warned him not to continue with the topic. He was arrested, but charges against him were ultimately dismissed and he then sued the city.



Anonymous said...

This article lacks a lot of detail. I read the court decision and there is a lot more to the story and the facts are very specific to this particular case. In a nutshell the court found the councilman ordered the arrest in retaliation for years of this man appearing before and challenging the board and not for one incident. Good for him.

Radical rag said...