Thursday, June 14, 2018

Four junior council persons sworn in at borough council meeting

Junior Council Persons sworn in at Monday's council meeting are, left to right: Robert Misciagna, Mya Black, Madison Simpson, and Trinity Cover.

Mayor Lutz swore in four junior council persons at the June borough council meeting as part of the borough's participation in the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Junior Council Person Program. The junior council persons are permitted to attend all meetings of council and all committee meetings and may fully participate in proceedings. However, they do not have the right to vote or attend executive sessions.

Junior council persons must be borough residents and must be attending high school or college. The term of office is during the student's school year. They do not receive compensation.


Anonymous said...

I hope they aren't learning from the mayor , back door , smoke and mirror.

Unknown said...

How about being happy for some of the young people taking an interest in making the community a better place. These kids aren't puppets I can assure you that they have their own vision.

Anonymous said...

Learning from the best!!!

That guy said...

Exactly, if there smart enough to take initiative this early on there smart enough to think for themselves.