Thursday, June 7, 2018

"One dog can completely change the game" East Hempfield Twp. Police Dept. mourns death of K-9 Ringo

In a 2014 LNP report, Officer Watt said using K-9 Ringo raised the stakes in pursuing suspects.

"One dog can completely change the game," he said.



Anonymous said...

With all of the money that the borough officials have chosen to spend on feasibility studies we could have had a police dog and a trained handler. Instead, money is being wasted and handed out like it's growing on trees.

Anonymous said...

LOOK Mayor Lutz Columbia needs a police dog!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is afraid of dogs , why else would he deprive the people of this town of this enforcement tool?

Anonymous said...

Mr Lutz read the article in the sunday paper new police dog for drugs and tracking , stop depriving the citizens of Columbia of this enforcement tool because you have a chip on your shoulder , you say you are the # 1 cop , this is at best a poor way of showing it , reread the oaf of office you took .