Sunday, June 24, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

(Tap/click on each photo for a larger, sharper image.)

 Officer Holly Oster on Sunday morning bike patrol...

 ...with a new, fully equipped bike.

 And fully licensed - 
Bike licenses can be obtained at the police station for a nominal charge.

 Time for a little reading

 Wiping the meters...

Wiping the meters?!

New sheriff in town - well, a sheriff anyway

 The K-9 car

 Two out of three of these need to go.
Is anyone keeping track of our signage?

Speaking of signage, here's the Stump Avenue sign, possibly made from...a stump. What else?

 Three churches

 Parking project proceeds

 Progress progresses at 208-210 Locust

Dungin' out

 At K&A Event Planning & Party Rental LLC on the first block of North Fourth

 Here's a parking enforcement officer, with a No Parking sign right between the eyes.

A look upriver, with atmospheric perspective that would be the envy of Lloyd Mifflin

There's Lloyd now, next to the historic society.

And there's the historic society, under the river.

 Abandoned nest

 Monarch on throne

 Once again

 The large number of mayflies supposedly indicates a healthy river, but you probably don't want to go swimming in it.

Close up

 Parking for Right Coast Recording


 Coming soon: Andy's Market on Ironville Pike

 Tree fire!
Nah, just clouds in the background

 Reputed to be the name behind Purple's Lane

 Wild turkey - the bird, not the bourbon

 Some young 'uns

 Out for a walk with the kids

 Off they go.

 Battening down the hatches - or at least the tarp

It's always good to carry a few spares.

Sunday afternoon rainbow

Primary and secondary

 A reader sent us this recent photo (and the next one) of a retention basin just off Cloverton Drive, which is not draining properly.

The problem is similar to that of other residents in that area, which Columbia Spy reported on HERE.
The borough needs to step up and own this and fix the problem for these taxpaying citizens.

Another reader sent us this photo of Concord Avenue. Wow!

The same reader also sent us this photo of the Old Town Hall at Third & Locust.


Anonymous said...

Cloverton drive west was built in a swamp that springs fed. It should have never been permitted to be a developement years ago.

Anonymous said...

Albeit slightly hidden, the Mifflin mural is one of the best! Exceptional, I always admire it, well done.

Anonymous said...

Is Andy's market moving to a new location

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the Turkey shots? (Great photos as always!)

Anonymous said...

Cole, what was the 3 loud booms today around 11:00am coming from York County? Did anyone else hear/feel them? They were extremely loud and could actually be felt. Just curious. Nice pics as always.

Joe Lintner said...

The booms were probably from the Civil War re-enactors at John Wright.

Joe Lintner said...

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Joe Lintner said...

They're moving part of their operation to the new location.

Anonymous said...

I thought the bridge lights were turned off to help with the mayfly's Sunday morning there were a lot of mayfly's on the lights and road more so on the Wrightsville side. one night they are on another they are off keep them off we don't need another year like we had a couple of years ago that was a road and health hazard people and drivers. I believe there was even a couple of accidents PLEASE KEEP THEM OFF FOR NOW

Eric J. White said...

Millersville University is conducting a study on the mayflies. They're done in a couple days.

Anonymous said...

why do they pay someone to dry off the meters? Waste of money right?

Howard Stevens said...

I know him and hes probably doing this because he's the kind of guy that cares, I'm surehe's not getting extra money for doing this, some people that live and have worked here do care and do stuff on their own.

Lisa said...

Beautiful photos, as always, Cole!

Anonymous said...

so is wrightsville or millersville going to clean up the mess that is left behind

Anonymous said...

he is the guy that fixes the meters

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

Helm again

Anonymous said...

No Study needed - History will repeat itself - raise the lights up to where they were before Rivertown's Non Profit along with the the Mark Platts wasteland wasted millions of tax dollars to lower them - and everything will be just fine !

Anonymous said...

Cole Rocks !!, but what's up the the State Trooper hat ?? is it an ego thing ?

Joe Lintner said...

If you're referring to the hat in my logo, it's not a state trooper hat, just an old leather hat I wear to look more like this spy in the Spy vs Spy cartoon:

I think I bear a strong resemblance to the character.

ColumbiaPa said...

LOL that bird nest has been on my trailer since I bought it.

Unknown said...

Officer Oster I love your fully equipped bike