Monday, June 18, 2018

About Town

Recent photos from around Columbia...

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 St. Francis in a bucket

 Several units responded to a water rescue call on Sunday:

 Blue Rock

 Columbia Borough

 A canoe reportedly capsized near the York County side of the the Route 30 Bridge, about four piers out.

 A family of four was rescued on the Wrightsville side.

The news story is HERE.

 PA State Police responded to the incident, also.

Time for this fence to come down.
A former councillor said that several years ago, Columbia Borough entered into an agreement with the cottage owner: He would maintain the ground if he could put up the fence. The area beyond is still public. As a matter of fact, it is technically the first block of Locust Street, and it borders the Susquehanna River. It is unclear at this point whether the agreement was written or verbal, or whether any record exists at all, other than the mists of memory.
Why is this individual, who does not even live in Columbia Borough, permitted to block public land here?

 A concerned citizen submitted this photo and the two following of the Avenue H parking lot.

 The photos were taken on May 9. The metal rule shown is 16" long.

And yet the borough was handing out quick tickets to property owners for high grass  during this time.

 Loud-mouthed sparrow

 For a clean getaway

 Further progress at the troubled 208-210 building


 What does that sign say?

 That's what it says.

 Up a tree but not out on a limb

 Ninth Street

 Leaf him alone

 Stirring cement

Cracks filled at Locust Street Park

 Barrels at 3rd & Perry

 Men at work

 They paved Heritage Drive last week.

 Rollin' it out

 More asphalt, please

Still rollin' along

 Finishing up

 Rollin' rollin' rollin'

 PA Hero Walk vehicle

 The side of the truck gives some info.

 Trailer in tow



 Here comes the flag bearer.

 And there he goes.

 And there they go.

 New flag bearer

 Over at Park School - the Edible Classroom

Down at River Park - a green van (even though it's white)

 The good news is that someone tried to dispose of the flags properly.
The bad news is they didn't take them off the sticks first.

 Rough water

 Meanwhile, in Wrightsville

 Caught one!

 Out for a walk

 Flag Day in Columbia

 Conservation Officer at the high school

 Line painter at the the high school

 Speaking of lines - these were just painted on Heritage Drive

 Still trying to get in



 Freedom Biker Church

 Listening in?

 "First Saturday in June," but the sign was still there two weeks later.

 Here's a new sign on the 400 block of Locust.

 It's quite visible from Route 462.

 All the flags are a-flyin'.

 Including these

 These too.

 Flag, flag, everywhere a flag

Here's the flag of the rear guard

 In tow

In tow

 A helpful citizen assists a parking enforcement officer with hanging signs across from Locust Street Park for the car show.

 Alien life form?

 Cloud forming

 Yes it is.

 York County as seen from Laurel Hill

 Just married!

New sign - a work in progress

 Down at Bootleg Antiques

Just about finished

 A reader submitted this photo of the First National Bank Museum at Second & Locust. (Date unknown)

The reader also submitted this photo of a building at the same intersection, which was once an umbrella factory and later Becker's Potato Chip Factory, as seen below. Currently, there are plans to convert the building into a hotel.


Anonymous said...

Helpful citizen sure.....

Anonymous said...

What's your problem?

Anonymous said...

I truly do not understand why that fence is there blocking access to public land. There can't possibly be a legitimate agreement approving this. Take down the fence! Bloody Hell!

Anonymous said...

Take the fence down, don't care what Councillor told them they could, NOT theirs to give away, same crap in my Neighborhood ex Councillor thought he owned a Public Alley and others thought the same, 20 years of fighting over it. More the same, let the people fight over their rights because of the council put us in this position.

Anonymous said...

Is alcohol allowed on the Columbia Trolley? If so I would like to rent it for a bar crawl.

Anonymous said...

NO $650,000.00 for a HOTEL!! No to TAX MONEY!!!!!!!

Radical rag said...

Why does a columbia boro allow any of there workers to work without a class 2 vest, look uniform for one, 2nd there out on a road or roads, without being visable to the traveling public, looks like a liability, to me, make them where vest!!!!!

Anonymous said...

agree, have it removed. enough river frontage has been given away.

Anonymous said...

The council persons ignore anything that is said. They need a few more meetings like the last one for us to let them know we are tired of them spending money foolishly. Stand up for Columbia. Too much is done behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

YUP that is a open container , where is the police?

Anonymous said...

It was stated there are only 6 street or highway employees , seams like more than that in the pics, Lots of borough at the MONEY PIT Leo , Don't the rest of town matter?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, start in Columbia and go to Marietta!

Anonymous said...

"Yup that is AN open container. Where ARE the police? Geez!

Anonymous said...

Still blows my mind the boro is running a bus that is not handicapped accessible. From the ADA website:

"ADA Title II: Public Transportation

The transportation provisions of title II cover public transportation services, such as city buses and public rail transit (e.g. subways, commuter rails, Amtrak). Public transportation authorities may not discriminate against people with disabilities in the provision of their services. They must comply with requirements for accessibility in newly purchased vehicles, make good faith efforts to purchase or lease accessible used buses, remanufacture buses in an accessible manner, and, unless it would result in an undue burden, provide paratransit where they operate fixed-route bus or rail systems. Paratransit is a service where individuals who are unable to use the regular transit system independently (because of a physical or mental impairment) are picked up and dropped off at their destinations. ..."

Anonymous said...

Yes there is only 6 highway people. But when you have a job that large sometimes they call in help from the sewer dept. The vests or shirts i agree.

Anonymous said...

Why is every one caring about that fence being there it has been there for year and all of a sudden it is a big issue i thing you are doing this just because you don't like the people who have cottages along the river they are tax payers to get a life

Anonymous said...

why is that the best street in town? MONEY PIT

Anonymous said...

No, the point is that the land was in the hands of borough officials. They gave it away. That area could have been a productive marina with shops or a restaurant. Now, thanks to that council a handful of people will forever control that riverfront area. Another decision that should have been on the ballot, never in the hands of a few "officials." Talk about vision, that council had tunnel vision. Giving the cottage owners a decorative fence and trees to isolate the area even more, at taxpayers expense, is obscene.

Anonymous said...

take the fence down!

Anonymous said...

It may have been as few as four people that made the decision to give the land away. The streets in the cottage area should never have been permitted to be private. Our street is not private. The cottage owners seceded from Columbia. It's like they created a gated community with the borough's blessing and money. No major decisions or major spending unless it's on the ballot, the decision lies with ALL not four!

Anonymous said...

Can the Boro Powers to be spell (STUPID).

Anonymous said...

They did not give the land away those people payed for the land and they are also tax payers the bourgh did not want the land the bourgh made that choice to sell to those people why don't you start caring the borough is spending the tax payers money on so many other things

Anonymous said...

Nobody paid for the land

Anonymous said...

Yes they did the cottage owners each paid for the plot of ground that their cottages are sitting on it went to the borough

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you are talking about cottGe owners paid for the land

Anonymous said...

Great job Cole, Helm stated at the harb meeting that anyone that gets grant money must be in good standing with the borough and be up to date on taxes, Funny Cimeron is (9 PROPERTIES ) back 2016 UNPAID taxes . What is going on here and a council man has said he owns one at s 2nd street which is on cimerons list, plus he owes on a home on chestnut street, How can we let him direct our money? REMOVE HIM FROM COUNCIL , This is another reason we are laughted at.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cottage owners did pay....well below market value.

Anonymous said...

The fence needs to come down and since they paid for the ground the cottages sit on then the roads need to be public.

Anonymous said...

The roads, with the exception of a lane that runs south off of Union St, are open to the pubic. GIS property search clearly shows not one of the cottage owners property extends onto the lanes that run through the area. They can say they are private but they are not. This is not a gated community.

Anonymous said...

To whomever is worried about an open container. Why dont you look at the can on the left where it is the only top you can see. Zoom in. Is it open or was it used as a prop for celebratory pictures. We don't know. So maybe you should get your facts straight before assuming.

Anonymous said...

really youall must work for the borough