Sunday, June 10, 2018

About Town

This week's pics from around Columbia... 

 On Tuesday, an ORCA employee, Columbia Borough Police, and a few bystanders helped catch a domestic goose at River Park.

Here's the culprit, shortly before apprehension. He was tame but kept trying to elude capture.

Safely caged, he was placed in a waiting vehicle.


 Usually, the trolley is almost empty, but this group of ladies climbed aboard at Hinkle's the other day.


Suddenly, Columbia has another bed & breakfast, this one at 1102 Locust. Problem is, there's no breakfast being served, from what we're told. The other problem is that no zoning variance has been granted for this kind of use. In other words, the business is operating illegally. A certain borough official reportedly went rogue again and told the owners they're OK to operate a B&B there anyway. The B&B has been in operation at least since Memorial Day and has been occupied every weekend since, according to sources. Supposedly, a written work-around will be developed at an upcoming meeting. Neighbors are NOT happy.

 Here's the contact info for the B&B. Columbia Spy saw four vehicles with New Jersey license plates parked at the house on Saturday.

 The above contact information is posted on this Black Olive placemat (lower left corner).


 All those parking spaces, and yet . . .

 Paused for a moment of silence


 Problem? What problem?

 Formerly Prudhomme's, formerly the Rising Sun

 Sucking up the stones


 Sniffing the street

 The sinkhole was sinking again.

 And who among us hasn't done this as a kid (or as an adult)?

 Progress at 208-210 Locust

 Land yacht


 Guys working at the west end of the Columbia Water Company building.

A truck came by and dumped stones.

Here's the result. By the way, don't tamper there. (Read the sign.)




(They were just trying out their holds at River Park.)

 The stretch of 441 down by the LASA project has been paved.

 Out for a walk

 Furniture fit for a king - and queen

 Event Planning & Party Rental on the first block of North 4th

 Paving Heritage Drive

The Columbia Highway Department worked on the project this week.

First coat finished


Todd Stahl sent the following three photos. He writes: 
"The basketball nets at Rotary Park were in disrepair and needed replaced. I made contact with officials regarding the replacement of nets. Today [Friday, June 8], personnel from Columbia Highway Department replaced both nets at Rotary Park.

Thank you to the Borough of Columbia Highway Dept for taking timeout of their schedule to replace the nets."


 Trump's lost crown 
"Burger King" appears as "бургер кинг" in Cyrillic.

A submitted photo with caption

 Heading out

 Will it rise from the dust?

 3 bridges (sort of)

 Are they cormorants?

 The not-so-secret lair of the codes cars

 Do they interfere with reception?

 Pointing upriver.

 Another lost trucker?

 Mink cap and Gucci shades - all the rage this season

 Forest Fire Crew

 Artwork at the police station

 No, they're not some sort of alien pods.

 They are concrete casts made from metal molds.

 The casts, which were made by participants, will be transported to the Chesapeake Bay area. 

 The cavities will provide habitats for oysters and the like.


 Cuffed and shackled

 Led away

 In custody

 Lincoln Highway marker

 Everything's fine as long as they don't look behind them.

 Misguided idealism?

 Mallard with water-tipped beak

 If you can't come to the dock, the dock must come to you.

 Conestoga's Troop 146 out for a trail ride

 Fixing up the church on the 200 block of Locust

 Starview Brews will be moving in here at 224 Locust.

 Abandoned bumper

 Day lilies

 Stealing the spider's stash

 Not many vehicles with trailers parked in the spaces for vehicles with trailers

 Too bad other vehicles can't park there.

But alas, that's not possible right now at the park that tries to be all things for all people.


Anonymous said...

The phone number listed for the bed and breakfast on Locust Street is for Kleen Acres, owners of Kleen Rite Corporation. Was this the former home of the former Mrs. Harold McKonly?

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

To many hours for borough employees at the pit , Who is the boss,

Anonymous said...

Cole, your pictures are really great!! I particularly love the nature shots!

Anonymous said...

When they complete the repairs at 208,210 Locust St. will the Boro sell it back to Mr/Mrs Sam Bigler for a loss?

Anonymous said...

For all of you wanting a police dog check out the kids' artwork. There is a police dog! There you go!

Anonymous said...

Great to have a new B&B in town !! - home businesses like that shouldn't need permits. This is America, home of the Free.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

no, they will go back to the Borough and the County for more free money for over run costs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the mayor and council president holding the new dog.

Anonymous said...

Seams like there are more hours spent at the river park than any were in town.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many months it will take to get minutes from the meeting ? IF EVER.

Anonymous said...

Turn your rentals to b&b , no inspections ,HELM APPROVED or a least today it is ok.

Anonymous said...

Yup the hell with the town , we will have the borough do everything at the pit and fine citizens for paint chips,tall grass , any thing they can for the rest of Columbia.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they (borough) hire a company to fix and run the web site $9,900 a year?

Anonymous said...

Yes those are cormorants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They don't want people to see anything

Anonymous said...

REALY HOLDING THE BAG full of dirty deeds done to tax payers.

Anonymous said...

i agree there are WAY too many code officers. people wake up....boro council are the ONES who dictate to give quick tickets...they more warnings. time to clean up the town.