Monday, June 25, 2018

Draft Agenda - June 25, 2018 Finance Committee Meeting

Colonial Metals: Activity but no statement

 Columbia Spy spotted these two gentlemen on Linden Street this morning. They entered the Colonial Metals building. 

 Their vehicle carried an Ohio license plate.

 Minutes later, they left the building, accompanied by the man in the black tee shirt, and walked towards the employee parking lot. The Spy approached and asked if the company was going to make a statement. One of the men (shown above in the middle) said he doesn't work for the company.

They crossed the parking lot and entered the building near Third and Maple.

Columbia to get pizza restaurant/brew pub at old firehouse

The former firehouse at 27-29 N. 4th Street

After months of apparent dormancy, a firehouse restaurant/brew pub project is in the offing for Columbia after all. Columbia Spy has obtained information indicating that plans for a pizza restaurant/brew pub are currently underway for the former Keystone Firehouse at 27-29 North Fourth Street. Tentatively named “The 1898 Firehouse,” the 3,000 square-foot establishment will feature a dining area with 11 tables, a pizza station with a pizza oven and 6-seat counter, and a brewing area with 8-seat bar.

At its June meeting, Columbia's Historical Architectural Review Board approved alterations to the building for changes to the existing garage door. Restaurant signage was also discussed.

The lease agreement for the property is with Toss Dough LLC, a Marietta-based limited-liability company organized last year by Stacey Vonstein. Shawn and Lisa Loucks are listed as owners.

According to real estate company Bennett Williams, the 1898 building has a total of 9,000 square feet, with a 3,000-foot 3-bedroom loft apartment on the second floor.

The building previously housed the Keystone Fire Company (formerly Keystone Hook & Ladder) until 2000, when it merged with the Vigilant and Shawnee Fire companies to form the Columbia Consolidated Fire Department, now defunct.

The firehouse as it appeared in bygone days

Columbia, Lancaster city tracts designated as qualified opportunity zones

The tracts — two in Columbia and four in Lancaster city — were recently designated as qualified opportunity zones.
The designation allows incentives for investors to develop assets in economically distressed communities by providing cuts on their capital gains tax after the assets are owned for a certain number of years.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

(Tap/click on each photo for a larger, sharper image.)

 Officer Holly Oster on Sunday morning bike patrol...

 ...with a new, fully equipped bike.

 And fully licensed - 
Bike licenses can be obtained at the police station for a nominal charge.

 Time for a little reading

 Wiping the meters...

Wiping the meters?!

New sheriff in town - well, a sheriff anyway

 The K-9 car

 Two out of three of these need to go.
Is anyone keeping track of our signage?

Speaking of signage, here's the Stump Avenue sign, possibly made from...a stump. What else?

 Three churches

 Parking project proceeds

 Progress progresses at 208-210 Locust

Dungin' out

 At K&A Event Planning & Party Rental LLC on the first block of North Fourth

 Here's a parking enforcement officer, with a No Parking sign right between the eyes.

A look upriver, with atmospheric perspective that would be the envy of Lloyd Mifflin

There's Lloyd now, next to the historic society.

And there's the historic society, under the river.

 Abandoned nest

 Monarch on throne

 Once again

 The large number of mayflies supposedly indicates a healthy river, but you probably don't want to go swimming in it.

Close up

 Parking for Right Coast Recording


 Coming soon: Andy's Market on Ironville Pike

 Tree fire!
Nah, just clouds in the background

 Reputed to be the name behind Purple's Lane

 Wild turkey - the bird, not the bourbon

 Some young 'uns

 Out for a walk with the kids

 Off they go.

 Battening down the hatches - or at least the tarp

It's always good to carry a few spares.

Sunday afternoon rainbow

Primary and secondary

 A reader sent us this recent photo (and the next one) of a retention basin just off Cloverton Drive, which is not draining properly.

The problem is similar to that of other residents in that area, which Columbia Spy reported on HERE.
The borough needs to step up and own this and fix the problem for these taxpaying citizens.

Another reader sent us this photo of Concord Avenue. Wow!

The same reader also sent us this photo of the Old Town Hall at Third & Locust.