Monday, May 28, 2018

Lancaster County deeds recorded: May 28, 2018

Columbia Borough

Judith Clawges and Sheriff of Lancaster County conveyed 556 Union St. to Belco Community Credit Union for $25,000.

Sheriff of Lancaster County and Jonathan Torres conveyed 643 Union St. to Valley View Capital LLC for $52,500.

Kevin L. Funk conveyed 331 N. Third St. to Redevelopment Authority County of Lancaster for $80,000.

Sheriff of Lancaster County, Kathy Ann Andrews and Kathy A. Andrews conveyed 206 Union St. to Valley View Capital LLC for $42,000.

Sheriff of Lancaster County and Ryan E. Reinbold conveyed 220 Cedar St. to Fhg 92 LLC for $42,600.

The estate of James R. Anderson, the estate of James Ray Anderson and Theresa M. Anderson conveyed 248 N. Second St. to Theresa M. Oatman for $1.

Thomaseen Misel conveyed 1020 Park Ave. to Thomaseen Misel and Michael T. Misel for $1.

Richard Frick and Josetta Frick conveyed 700 Manor St. to Columbia Borough Fire Department for $82,000.

The estate of Jean E. Kopp and the estate of Jean E. Brommer conveyed 1263 Hereford Drive to Herbert S. Keener and Barbara A. Keener for $167,900.


Anonymous said...

HOPFULLY no recovery houses , but we better wait to see J HELM would know.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, heaven forbid someone seek local help for their addictions.

Anonymous said...

local help wouldn't help them stop , it would feed the fire .

Anonymous said...

Oh? Wow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised with a comment like that. If you took everyone with any kind of substance abuse problems (i.e. drugs, alcohol etc.) out of Columbia, this town would have a really low population. I know that you will probably say it is because of the renters, but look around, it is longtime Columbia residents as well. In order to address an issue properly, you should look at both sides thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Recovery houses should be near medical buildings and be secured by there own paid people, this man said 125 dollars a week rent per person, times the number of people , lets say 10 that is 65,000 a year, to house less than model citizens , beside home owners and a block from a school, NO way not in the middle of a town , get a farm make them work like the home owners worked to buy there homes, people that believe otherwise should take these people into there own homes and supervise them to recovery and take responsible for them , in closing NOT IN MY BACK YARD!!

Anonymous said...

All I am saying is maybe you should look at what longtime citizens are doing in your backyard. Also, I agree that recovery houses should be located near medical buildings. Maybe those blocks around Sixth and Maple should be bought and made recovery houses since they are close to the clinic.

Anonymous said...

Go for it , but it is not something that will fly in columbia , citizens have rights to do what they want in there house and yard , they worked all there lives so no one has to question them as long as it don't infringe on someone else.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you better look in the mirror frist before you judge others