Sunday, May 27, 2018

About Town

This week's pics from around Columbia...
(Click or tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

 Close-up of the Weeping Angel at Mount Bethel

A side view 

Holy Light!

 Some people who should know better insist on calling this "Riverfront Park."

Anyway, here's Columbia Crossing, seen from the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

 Here's another look.

 And under the bridge . . . a painting of the bridge taking shape

 ". . . it's 
when the world is puddle-wonderful"
[in Just-] e.e.cummings

 Looks like someone finally got sick of the weeds in the 300 block of Avenue G.

 So that's where the news is.

 Really? These steps will never pass inspection.

 "Turkey vulture on brick chimney"

 Purple petunia

 Tearing up the tracks near the Columbia Plaza

 Sometimes things just pop up.

 He didn't want his picture taken.

 Blocking the road at 2nd & Walnut. Damn GPS!

 Peonies on the 500 block of Chestnut

 Picture perfect

 On the 500 block of Cherry, the gates's been added.

 Wind sock . . . for a wind foot?
(Near Avenue X)

 Little red wagon painted . . . red

 Slab at 4th & Manor - A giant propane tank might still be installed there in the future.

The front of some sort of maintenance train

 Its purpose is to grind the tracks (?)

 That's a pretty long train.

 It even has this doohickey on top.

 Here's the last car. In "ancient times," this was called the caboose.

 Workers working at work on the train

 And just below the train - a tunnel at Shawnee Run

 Inside looking out

 Outside looking in looking out the other end

 Might have been built in the late 19th or early 20th century (?)

 Of course, the graffiti "artists" have been there.

 One last look, with the train on top

No parking on the sidewalk, unless of course you want to park there. 

 All you need

 The 400 block of Locust - What's that address again?

 A better angel of our nature?

 No, just a cherub, like this one, at the former Masonic Center on the 300 block of Locust

 Well . . . he's still there, after all this time. How is it that no one else has seen him yet?

 He lives in the attic of this apartment house on Walnut Street. Judging from the electric meters on the right, there are six apartments, his being one. Let's hope his electric bill is paid.

 Info on the railroads running through Columbia and elsewhere.

This historical "plaque" at the bridge plaza could use some sprucing up. After all, we don't want our history to fade.

 Codes secretly surveilling someone with a secret spy camera.
(Hey, that's our job!)

 Another vehicle on the sidewalk - The town motto should be: "It's Columbia. Do whatever you want!"

 Surveyor surveying 401 Locust

 What's he doing that for?

 There he is again, looking at the side of the building.

 Isn't that camera at River Park fixed yet?

 He was working on it last week, too.

 The tails tell the tale.
(But what is it?)

 Trolley sighting!

 Whoever heard of a patriotic sparrow? Usually an eagle does this job on top of the flagpole.

 One of those days . . . ?

 Yoga at River Park

 Two lost ducklings looking for their mother realized this goose was not she.

 They huddled in the grass, still looking.

One way to save on gas

A reader submitted this photo of the building at 3rd & Walnut, now Burning Bridge Antiques. Looks like there was a fire there at one time.

Another reader submitted this photo of Columbia and those following. Which church is that on the right?

 Where is this?

 Could this be the 200 block of Locust?

 The Daily News building - but where?
On the right is the Columbia Republican Club.

All decked out - the 200 block of Locust?


Anonymous said...

I remember swimming at the tunnel when it wasnt an illegal thing to do. Hate that my son can't do that.

Anonymous said...

I think the one pic is 3rd and union.

Unknown said...

I used to swim at the tunnel when i was a kid and at the vfw. Its a shame my kids cant do it too

Eric J. White said...

What a friendly Trolley Driver!

Anonymous said...

As for the
300 block of Avenue G..We clean it every spring !

Anonymous said...

In the pics it don't look like the money pit is over flowing with cars , so what is the big thing about parking for the trail??

Anonymous said...

Why didn't codes see the poles on the river park sign are flacking and in need of paint ? they put a sign on them and the poles in a previous pic on the spy are in desperate need of paint , what a image to show out of towners , didn't the board at the money pit see this?

Anonymous said...

Yes friendly , but where are the riders, $15 an hour to ride around ,nice job.

Anonymous said...

Why are the 441 signs still on 3rd street by the hummer pic , shouldn't this have been removed with the bypass opening ??

Anonymous said...

Rising Sun Hotel? Corner of 5th and Cherry.

Anonymous said...

I saw plenty of riders on the trolley on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't code go to all the houses in some of the alleys and demand the slum lords paint those!

Anonymous said...

Only 1 rider on the trolley , wonder if it was the attendant or a friend of the driver? Either way waste of tax payers fuel money.

Anonymous said...

they are were have you been?

Anonymous said...

they should have been removed , mr murphy can council do something , like call penn dot.

Anonymous said...

Uh, go ahead and drive around the alleys and you tell me how spiffy those houses are. While you're at it, take a few pictures to prove your statement!

Anonymous said...

I saw the trolley as well on Friday and it sure looked like more than one rider. Maybe there were ghosts on the trolley ...

Anonymous said...

maybe not landlords

Anonymous said...

maybe it is fixed income people that own the houses you are speaking of .

Anonymous said...

why didn't codes do anything about 371 kinderhook rd , beside mayor Lutz ??? SLECTIVE ENFORCEMENT!

Anonymous said...

oK HOW ABOUT THE BOROUGH SPYS , can any of you people answer about rt 441 going threw Columbia?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't think the alleys were part of columbias image to show out of town people , and now after 20 years they started to sand the doors at the bank museum that is a advertisted draw to town. So we are moving in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

The sign poles to be painted will have to go threw all commety and historic review and council , lay on Helms desk for years and then finance and back to Helm for a permit and then find a borough employee who can find time to paint them or out source the job , maybe 2 to 5 years to have them painted

Anonymous said...

Question what happens to someone that does extensive work Without a permit ( in Columbia) ????????/

Anonymous said...

Maybe fixed income but so was an elderly couple who got a notice to paint their porch in the middle of January!

I don't care if alleys aren't supposed to be "shown to out of town people" or not ,,.they are part of the town and a very disgraceful part at that!! So, stop making excuses for slum lords or low income people. Also, buy a broom and at least sweep in front of your house and take the towels and sheets out of the windows.

Anonymous said...

The RT 441 Sign is correctly posted. What you can't see in the photo is that it reads "TO" Route 441 South. Traffic coming off the RT 462 Bridge, eastbound, is directed onto Third Street to access Route 441 North and South.

They should have, during the project, improved the intersection of RT 462 and Second Street with a left turn lane and a traffic signal and moved traffic on 462 East onto N. Second St then Bridge St to access RT 441, but they didn't.

Third St is not RT 441 but it is an access road to it from 462.