Sunday, May 20, 2018

About Town

Recent photos from around town...

Police checking things out at 3rd & Locust last Monday evening

 An alternative to Smucker

 Pinocchio's left foot?

 Four violations right off the bat: parking along a highway on a side designated NO PARKING, parking on a sidewalk, blocking a driveway, leaving gas cans unattended.

 Artist's conception of how the mural will look on the back of 301 Locust

 Close-up of the above

Looks like birds will roost just about anywhere:
atop a pole...

 atop a finial...

 atop a sign.

 Every home should have one of these.

 The mayor said there's not a camera at 3rd & Perry, and yet ... there's a camera at 3rd & Perry.

 Collecting the loot on Locust

 Painting a line on Manor

 Rehabbing a house at Florence & Manor

 New lights for the bridge plaza flagpoles

 Worm's-eye view of the above

 Violation: parking on the sidewalk

 A reminder of our racist heritage?

 At Glatfeter Memorial Field: a 9/11 Remembrance

 Working toward a vegan lifestyle

 Crow in priestly black preaching a sermon from on high

 Exterior guitar

 Drone over Chestnut, but not the borough's, since officials say we don't have one.

 It was being operated by this guy...

...who apparently works for this company.

 Taking off after being found in violation

Scolding the kids into line

 There, that's better.

 Newly painted trim, with an aquatic flavor
(475 Locust)

Fortunately, it was only primer.

 Accident at 4th & Chestnut last Friday afternoon

 This car . . .

 . . . and this car collided.

 This truck at 4th & Locust had been in an accident just a few minutes before the other one.

 Here's a car with a broken windshield sitting on 13th Street. A few days earlier it was sitting on the 1300 block of Manor. How was it moved?

 Rain-spotted flag

 Van sporting a picture of the bridge . . . down by the bridge.
Was the photo taken from the Wrightsville side - or from the Columbia side and then reversed? Either way, it still shows the old bridge lights.

 Antiquated door knocker on a door on the 300 block of Cherry

 The 500 block of Cherry: a newly installed fence simulating the Veterans Memorial Bridge

 Over at Park School: garden plots

 Here's a close-up of one.

 Down at River Park, Waterways Conservation Officer Jeff Schmidt takes a group shot.

 And then . . . a gesture of thanks

 Rain garden along Heritage Drive, complete with rainwater

 Hawk on the lookout at Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens

Runaway bride and groom?

 Responding to a river rescue call for a kayaker in distress Saturday afternoon

 Afterwards, with everything A-OK, a return to River Park

 This summer's Music in the Park line-up

 An iron sitting unattended on a second-floor window sill.
What could go wrong?

 A curious cardinal

 Down at the bridge on a partly cloudy day

 Kitty + kitty = 18 lives

 A big kitty at the 5th & Locust fountain

 Tables are for glasses (and everyone knows the rest of that saying).

Trying to figure out what it is . . .

And here a few reader-submitted old photos . . .

Spruce Street in Columbia, 1925

 Wildcat Falls Ferry Boat

Wildcat Falls Hotel

Wildcat Falls is in York County, north of Wrightsville.


Anonymous said...

The mural should read Columbia, founded in 1788 and incorporated in 1814. John Wright comes to the river's edge in 1726, then builds Wright's Ferry Mansion in 1736, and was a colony and not incorporated town. We would love to have that nearly 300 years to tag, but we need to be honest in history. Love the mural and should be painted on the wall and not on fabric. Look at the one at the Historic Preservation of Lloyd Mifflin that still looks great.

Anonymous said...

I been in columbia almost 40 years and always heard the house at florence and manor was haunted that everytime some renovated it, something bad happens!! Is this house actually haunted??

Anonymous said...

market house is going to be a brewery, is this true??

Anonymous said...

What part of spruce St is that. Great pics as always

Anonymous said...

Cops really have nothing better to do go stop all the little gangs trying to run this town

Anonymous said...

Any idea on the cost of the Mifflin mural compared to the one under project now?

Anonymous said...

I agree, the Lloyd Mifflin mural is very classy. It certainly appears to have held up well.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think it is the nine hundred block .

Anonymous said...

I thought so but all the trees though me off. Thank u

Anonymous said...

Yeah. If you could get your sweaty, smelly body off the picnic table - that'd be great.

I know this is Columbia, but geez people, a little class would go a long way.

Anonymous said...

A quick ticket is a must , people eat or at least they used to eat off this table. This shows NO class!

Anonymous said...

In their defense, just a bit, they are lying on towels and blankets.

Anonymous said...

and the table is bending

Anonymous said...

Great job to the columbia borough police!! Im sure the police were not harrasing but there prob cause someone called them, large groups, brings more police!! Safety of our officers should be inportant!!!

Anonymous said...

So there's a dirty, stinky towel as the only line of defense between the table and their stanky booty. I feel much better.

Anonymous said...

This is vandelizem , this kind of thing should not be , you wonder why things get broken in our parks? I thought that there is a management company in place (115,000) a year , One would think someone would have been out there telling these people this is Not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

NO defense is possible THE table is bending , it is not build for this kind of weight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What are you trying to say. The sentence is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Who polices the management?

Anonymous said...

I under stand 6 kids set on cars at the market house then ran ?????