Sunday, May 13, 2018

About Town

Photos from around Columbia over the past week...

Last Tuesday, this oversized Amish buggy with many passengers traveled through town, along Route 462...


 Another painted rock - That's a big 'un.

 Men at work under Columbia Crossing

 That's one way to get it out the door.

 Spectator on the bridge

 Several trees along the shore were "strapped" to try to straighten them after they were bent by ice this past winter.

 "X" marks the spot.

 Down along Route 441 where all the commotion has been lately.


 Jesus showing his ectopic heart

 Down in a hole on 441

 Some sort of metal tag along the railroad tracks


We caught the second part of this Law Enforcement United "Road to Hope Memorial Bicycle Ride" on Route 462, on the way from Reading to Washington, D.C. 

According to their website:

"We are a group of Law Enforcement, Survivors, and Civilian supporters who have made it our mission to honor the fallen and remember the survivors."


 Hard at work

 Out for a walk

 Out for a swim

More swimmers



 A traffic-calming device along North 3rd

Incident Response Unit 1 at Columbia Crossing

 Another traffic-calming device

 That "porta-potty" is still there on South 3rd.

 Flagpoles at the plaza - The dedication ceremony is May 26.

 More "upcomings"

 Stirrin' up some dust

 Work on Heritage Drive continues.

 Waiting for another of those mile-long trains to pass

 A blast from the past?

 This old wagon was sitting at Tollbooth Antiques.

It was apparently made by The Columbia Wagon Company (which was later a tobacco warehouse and is now Wagon Werks Apartments).


A reader submitted these two old photos of residents collecting beer at Shawnee Creek after the Feds chopped open barrels at the former Columbia Brewing Company during prohibition. The beer flowed down the street to the creek.


 Here's another upcoming event.

 They're digging up 9th Street now.

 Checking one of our "50" surveillance cameras

 Heads up!

 Raising the flag

 Outside Dairy Queen...
"You scream, I scream, we all scream...etc."

 Mobile storage on the 500 block of Manor

 Down on the farm, the borough farm, that is, where all the yard waste bags end up

 Children at play

 The first block of Locust...We're told the owner of a cottage there made an agreement with the borough in which he would maintain the grounds in exchange for being permitted to erect a fence. (The area beyond the fence is still public, though.) We believe the fence should be removed.

 These WRONG WAY signs recently appeared at the bottom of Perry Street. A source told us that a tractor-trailer driver recently took his rig up Perry the WRONG WAY, because he was probably confused by the construction detours along Route 441.

 This is illegal. The outside refrigerator is an "attractive nuisance."

 475 Locust, soon to be a gallery and apartments

 Always remember: There's no "I" in "ROOFNG."

 A reader submitted this photo of a new shop on the 300 block of Locust.

So, we took a closer look.

A reader submitted this photo of a legally parked truck at the municipal building.


Police officer Dan Bell and Wilson Affeld put together this display at the police station in memory of those who served in the Armed Forces...


And last but not least: blossoms.


Anonymous said...

The rock was by my 10 year old autistic daughter she was happy you posted it

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures, Cole!!

Anonymous said...

Thst was nice

Anonymous said...

Wow did we shame the mayor into parking legaly??

Anonymous said...

The borough said NO ace bages

Anonymous said...

Shame made the truck park right.

Anonymous said...

Can we please keep the flag off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the borough say only recycle bags bought at the borough , not ace bags etc...

Anonymous said...

Great pics as always, thank you.

Anonymous said...

great deal if we did!

Anonymous said...

Why? Bags are bags!

Anonymous said...

No, they never said that

Anonymous said...

I used bags from ACE and they were picked up without an issue.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU mayor for leading by example. This goes a long way.