Thursday, May 31, 2018

Slave Dwelling Project presents several programs in Columbia this weekend

A lecture by McGill followed by a tour of the new museum exhibit "Underground Railroad: Destination Columbia,'' Fri. 3 p.m. at the Columbia Historic Preservation Society. A walking tour of abolitionist Columbia follows at 4:30 p.m. Tickets are $20. Call 717-572-7149.


$12,900 feasibility study yields questionable results

Columbia Borough commissioned a feasibility study last year to determine the possibility of moving the borough offices at 308 Locust Street to one of two other locations: 430 Walnut Street or 200 N. 5th Street. According to officials, the borough has outgrown its present location and needs more space for offices, storage, etc.  430 Walnut Street is currently owned by Cimarron Investments LLC, and 200 N. 5th Street is the district administration center (DAC) for the Columbia Borough School District. 

Results of the $12,900 study were discussed at a joint meeting of borough officials and the school board on May 24, but ultimately no location was chosen. The 430 Walnut Street location was not discussed. Also, options other than those presented in the study were considered, such as expanding the borough hall or moving into the market house.

Information pertaining to the study was obtained from the borough by Columbia News, Views & Reviews through a right-to-know request and can be downloaded HERE. The information provided by the study, however, seems cursory and incomplete.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

More graffiti, but it's different this time

Columbia has seen its share of graffiti but rarely with a positive message. The graffiti that recently appeared in Rotary Park, however, consisted of several motivational quotes. And not to worry: The messages were written in chalk.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Lancaster County deeds recorded: May 28, 2018

Columbia Borough

Judith Clawges and Sheriff of Lancaster County conveyed 556 Union St. to Belco Community Credit Union for $25,000.

Sheriff of Lancaster County and Jonathan Torres conveyed 643 Union St. to Valley View Capital LLC for $52,500.

Kevin L. Funk conveyed 331 N. Third St. to Redevelopment Authority County of Lancaster for $80,000.

Sheriff of Lancaster County, Kathy Ann Andrews and Kathy A. Andrews conveyed 206 Union St. to Valley View Capital LLC for $42,000.

Sheriff of Lancaster County and Ryan E. Reinbold conveyed 220 Cedar St. to Fhg 92 LLC for $42,600.

The estate of James R. Anderson, the estate of James Ray Anderson and Theresa M. Anderson conveyed 248 N. Second St. to Theresa M. Oatman for $1.

Thomaseen Misel conveyed 1020 Park Ave. to Thomaseen Misel and Michael T. Misel for $1.

Richard Frick and Josetta Frick conveyed 700 Manor St. to Columbia Borough Fire Department for $82,000.

The estate of Jean E. Kopp and the estate of Jean E. Brommer conveyed 1263 Hereford Drive to Herbert S. Keener and Barbara A. Keener for $167,900.

CBFD pays respects to veterans on Memorial Day

Members of the Columbia Borough Fire Department placed wreaths at several Columbia locations today to pay their respects to military veterans. Ordinarily, they would have done so during Columbia's parade yesterday, but it was canceled due to a severe weather forecast. The fire company did, however, participate in parades in Marietta and Wrightsville today before laying wreaths. Ever on duty, the firefighters responded to a fire call during wreath-laying, which turned out to be a false alarm and units were canceled. Wreaths were placed at the following locations:

Columbia VFW Post 2435 at 4th & Manor:

Locust Street Park in front of "The Returned Soldier":

American Legion Post #372 on Chestnut Street:

River Park Parking Reminder | Columbia Borough Police Department

Please remember that if you are heading down to the Columbia River Park to not park in the large lot near the boat ramps unless you have a trailer with your vehicle. From Memorial Day to Labor day this lot is for vehicles with trailers only. If you choose to park here without a trailer, you may get a $25 ticket. The picture in this post shows alternative places to park nearby.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

About Town

This week's pics from around Columbia...
(Click or tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

 Close-up of the Weeping Angel at Mount Bethel

A side view 

Holy Light!

 Some people who should know better insist on calling this "Riverfront Park."

Anyway, here's Columbia Crossing, seen from the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

 Here's another look.

 And under the bridge . . . a painting of the bridge taking shape

 ". . . it's 
when the world is puddle-wonderful"
[in Just-] e.e.cummings

 Looks like someone finally got sick of the weeds in the 300 block of Avenue G.

 So that's where the news is.

 Really? These steps will never pass inspection.

 "Turkey vulture on brick chimney"

 Purple petunia

 Tearing up the tracks near the Columbia Plaza

 Sometimes things just pop up.

 He didn't want his picture taken.

 Blocking the road at 2nd & Walnut. Damn GPS!

 Peonies on the 500 block of Chestnut

 Picture perfect

 On the 500 block of Cherry, the gates's been added.

 Wind sock . . . for a wind foot?
(Near Avenue X)

 Little red wagon painted . . . red

 Slab at 4th & Manor - A giant propane tank might still be installed there in the future.

The front of some sort of maintenance train

 Its purpose is to grind the tracks (?)

 That's a pretty long train.

 It even has this doohickey on top.

 Here's the last car. In "ancient times," this was called the caboose.

 Workers working at work on the train

 And just below the train - a tunnel at Shawnee Run

 Inside looking out

 Outside looking in looking out the other end

 Might have been built in the late 19th or early 20th century (?)

 Of course, the graffiti "artists" have been there.

 One last look, with the train on top

No parking on the sidewalk, unless of course you want to park there. 

 All you need

 The 400 block of Locust - What's that address again?

 A better angel of our nature?

 No, just a cherub, like this one, at the former Masonic Center on the 300 block of Locust

 Well . . . he's still there, after all this time. How is it that no one else has seen him yet?

 He lives in the attic of this apartment house on Walnut Street. Judging from the electric meters on the right, there are six apartments, his being one. Let's hope his electric bill is paid.

 Info on the railroads running through Columbia and elsewhere.

This historical "plaque" at the bridge plaza could use some sprucing up. After all, we don't want our history to fade.

 Codes secretly surveilling someone with a secret spy camera.
(Hey, that's our job!)

 Another vehicle on the sidewalk - The town motto should be: "It's Columbia. Do whatever you want!"

 Surveyor surveying 401 Locust

 What's he doing that for?

 There he is again, looking at the side of the building.

 Isn't that camera at River Park fixed yet?

 He was working on it last week, too.

 The tails tell the tale.
(But what is it?)

 Trolley sighting!

 Whoever heard of a patriotic sparrow? Usually an eagle does this job on top of the flagpole.

 One of those days . . . ?

 Yoga at River Park

 Two lost ducklings looking for their mother realized this goose was not she.

 They huddled in the grass, still looking.

One way to save on gas

A reader submitted this photo of the building at 3rd & Walnut, now Burning Bridge Antiques. Looks like there was a fire there at one time.

Another reader submitted this photo of Columbia and those following. Which church is that on the right?

 Where is this?

 Could this be the 200 block of Locust?

 The Daily News building - but where?
On the right is the Columbia Republican Club.

All decked out - the 200 block of Locust?