Monday, April 9, 2018

Kroft, Lawrence Paul Jr. - One count of Retail theft Section 3929 (a)(1) (S) | West Hempfield Township Police Department

Lawrence Paul Kroft, Jr.
On Friday, April 6, 2018, at about 10:39 AM, officers from the West Hempfield Township Police Department were dispatched for an employee theft at the Kmart Store located at 3975 Columbia Avenue, Columbia, PA 17512. 
Kmart management reported that 62-year-old Lawrence Paul Kroft, Jr., of  South 12th Street, Columbia, PA 17512, had removed $43.94 worth of merchandise without paying the full retail value. 
Continuing on the same date, the West Hempfield Township Police Department cited Kroft with Retail theft Section 3929 (A)(1) (S).
All individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 
Arrest Date: 
Friday, April 6, 2018
Case Number: 


West Hempfield Township Police Department


  1. WOW speedway and kmart have Columbia addresses,one person lives in Columbia borough,and the other west hempfield, maybe this will clear a address problem up.

  2. Of course they do, but if a columbia man did cpr in there parking lot and saved a human the headline would say, by stander saves life at west hempfield kmart, but if kmart is robbed by someone from oak hollow, it would read. Columbia man robs kmart in columbia!! Thats the big problem, they never give columbia any recognition!!! Thats what i believe the mayor is trying to say, and as a columbia citizen i see it all the time,

  3. They(lnp) do give Columbia recognition, look at the press for the river park or money pit,look at the school system(failing), it is the news in town,they can't make up fake news to make Columbia look good,but the complaining does make the town a laughing stock because of the back door dealings that go on in the borough and school system. The wasting of tax dollars to help a few and cost the tax payers32,000 fence etc.... IT does sound funny that these people in power waste money the ways they are. WAKE UP COLUMBIA LOOK WHATS GOING ON HERE!

    1. Yes that's right, recognition goes both ways,it is the facts of the town of what goes on good or bad, maybe if the officals were up front and transparent it wood not be so bad.

  4. Hey lets look at the good things. Spring clean up ,new apartment building,market house,river park , cottages getting road and fence and trees,schools,bank museum,revamped codes(after years of backward management),new lighting on RT 462, 8.6 million for sale of sewer system( wheres the money?),new streets after paving,new junk shops,pubs,and the money making trolley,new fire trucks or police vehichles,18 police officers,a mayor who parks illegally every day in front of town hall,a police chief who has to moonlite as a security guard at a hospital, THESE ARE GOOD THINGS IN COLUMBIA PA 17512.

  5. Oh the best thing in Columbia is THE COLUMBIA SPY it lets us know what the borough doesn't want people to know till it is to late. THIS IS TRUE, POSITIVE, AND COLUMBIA.