Monday, April 30, 2018

Arbor Day in Columbia - Photo Highlights

The 27th annual Arbor Day ceremony was held at Columbia's Makle Park on Friday, April 27. The event was sponsored by the Columbia Borough Shade Tree Commission and the Columbia Tree Society. Master of Ceremonies Pam Williams (above) opened the proceedings.

Council President Kelly Murphy offered remarks on the significance of Arbor Day.

Sandra Duncan addressed the crowd.

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School Choir accompanied Duncan in a musical performance.

Amy Evans, chair of the Columbia Borough Shade Tree Commission, offered welcoming remarks.

Mark Zeamer announced the coloring contest winners.

Mayor Leo Lutz spoke of the environmental value of trees.

Boy Scout Troop  #35 gave the salute.

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School Choir performed several songs during the ceremony . . .

featuring several soloists.

Rick Hartleib from the DCNR Bureau of Forestry spoke again this year and presented the Tree City USA Award.

Sam Edmond planted a tree in memory of his father.

A flag was unveiled recognizing Columbia as a Tree City USA.

Columbia High School senior Marcus Falcon read Joyce Kilmer's "Trees."


Anonymous said...

Great job but I hope that was a money tree.

Anonymous said...

good job hope they raised money for a new basket ball back board and camera.

Anonymous said...

Way to go OLA choir!!! Were there other kids there as well besides the boy scouts, kids that use the park?

Anonymous said...

Taking donations from the public. You interested?

Anonymous said...

No. I am not interested in supplying yet MORE equipment into a place that is known for destruction! No respect or pride in self and definitely no pride or respect for the property they come in contact with.

Anonymous said...

SPY you did not take a picture of the ton of trash and tires that was cleaned up before this event to make the park presentable

Anonymous said...

Good old metal back boards are plenty good for a park

Anonymous said...

Borough should make people who need community service clean it up weekly .Opps not the #1 cop idea but it would work.