Sunday, April 8, 2018

About Town

This week's pics from about town...

Down in the alley, this black vulture kept an eye on things.

 He had quite a view from his attic window.

 He's the latest tenant at this occupied rental property, whether or not the other tenants know.

But no one can hang around the apartment all the time.

 The detour will go into effect tomorrow, Monday, April 9. Look for the signs around town.

Route 441 will be shut down between Mill and Plane Streets.

 A flock of herons flew down the river the other day.

 Going to points unknown

 Inside out at the bottom of Locust - 
Several structures are undergoing demolition to make way for a 33-unit apartment building to be built by Eberly Myers.

 Here's a longer view.

 Three houses are being demolished to make way for an apartment building.

 This is what's left of one of them - a mobile home that once sat on Bank Avenue.

 "When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down."

This 5-ton claw made quick work of things. All that's left is to knock down the two joined houses on Locust.

A second excavator was brought in on Saturday, but the project might hit a snag in the near future. PPL still needs to disconnect the electrical lines leading to the house. Until that's done, only limited demolition can be completed. PPL said it will address the issue within the next 21 days, according to a source close to the project. 

 Time for a quick adjustment

 Ready to go

 Heritage Drive parking area shaping up

 Soon to be paved...

 as soon as all the boulders are combed out.

 Was this a victim of last week's high winds?

 This, however, looks more long-term.

 So does this.

 The Easter bunny, or an offspring, is hanging out at Peerless Hardware.

 More parking-to-be along Commerce Street

 According to their owner, these three miniature greyhounds are named "Captain," "Morgan," and "Bacardi" (not necessarily in that order in the photo).

Two killdeers were performing some sort of mating ritual down by the railroad tracks. (It's spring, after all.)

 You'd have to be a killdeer to understand any of this.

 Uh-oh ... pedestrian crossing sign down.

 Let's hope it's just the sign and not a pedestrian.

 Is this the final resting place of Oliver Douglas's tractor?

 The ever-changing...yet NEVER-changing...Avenue G (300 block)

 Ready to meet the challenge

 Feral City - still very much occupied

 Tea time

Some folks go right up to the line.

 Some folks go over it, and use it as their private parking space, line of sight be damned!

 We each have our cross to bear.

 Until we end up here.
Fascinating fact found on the "internets":
A cemetery refers to a large burial ground, typically not associated with a church. A graveyard is typically smaller than a cemetery and is often associated with a church. It is part of the churchyard.

Father and son


Anonymous said...

Or you get some people on manor st who just block the alley and cars going in or out have to be very careful.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the pick up truck is breaking the law,it is (by law) suppost to be 20feet from the cross walk, not 5 or 6 feet and should be ticketed. As a leader they should lead by setting a example,not by BREAKING THE LAW IN FRONT OF THE TOWN HALL. WHERE A THE TICKET PEOPLE NOW?

Anonymous said...

Vultures are getting to be a normal sight around here,there seems to be a lot going in and out @ 308 locust street rear , but not traffic ticket writers.

Anonymous said...

Very nice job, Cole!! A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Anonymous said...

Do as he says not as he does. But no one should be ticketed from the looks of this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the borough should read there ordinances before they know how long to paint there yellow curbs,neverless it is a illeagel parking,should be ticketed! 20 feet is 20 feet not 5 or 6 feet.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always

Anonymous said...

Ordinance 207-14 no parking within 20 feet of a cross walk,witch is at the handycaped ramp in the pic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Borough web site NOT WORKING AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cole I don't remember allis chambers and oliver tractors having manufactured together. I could be wrong, and it wood not be the first time.

Joe Lintner said...

It was a reference to the TV show "Green Acres." Oliver Douglas, played by Eddie Albert, was a city lawyer who bought a farm and moved out to the countryside. The tractor reminded me of the one he used on the show.

Anonymous said...

Honey I love you but give me Park Avenue!

Anonymous said...

Got it now,,and great honey commit

Anonymous said...

How much is the heritage parking area costing tax payers? looks very wide, and the parking on commerce looks like more grass than parking.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of all people knows better, come on mayor your telling students to obey the laws HOW ABOUT YOU.

Anonymous said...

Of all the people and managers working in the borough one wood think someone wood fix there web site, it takes a number of times to write a list for trash items to try to make sense of up coming event,the web site is down more than it is up ,you can't navigate it, finding hidden meeting notes is a joke, this contributes to the laughing stock of this town,and these people are union witch makes it all the worst.

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't compare the Columbia borough to green acres it is to close and FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

MR Henny and Mayor Lutz , OMG!