Sunday, April 29, 2018

About Town

This week's pics in and around Columbia...

 This Moto Marshal was part of the "Face of America" event, participants of which passed through Columbia on Sunday morning.

The event is organized by World T.E.A.M., which brings adaptive and able-bodied athletes together by empowering, enabling and engaging individuals through inclusive athletic events, according to the organization's website.

 The cyclists were on their way to Gettysburg, after having spent a Saturday night stopover in Lancaster. They started out in Philadelphia.

Several dozen cyclists took part.

 Even recumbent bikes were welcome.

 Friendly bikers passing through

The group stopped briefly along Chestnut Street before re-embarking. They planned to meet up in Gettysburg with another group that set out from Arlington National Cemetery.


 Someone left the door open down at the tracks.

 Here's a sidewalk syringe along 462.

 Last winter's river ice did a number on the bald cypress trees along the shoreline. The one shown above is listing a bit, so let's fix it...

 There, that's better.

 Checking out the knitted caps...
She'll need at least three.

 This is who's doing the financing for the construction project at Locust Street and Bank Avenue.

 PA Heroes Walk/Ride June 2

 16.2 miles on the Northwest River Trail

Some folks prefer another route: 
ON the beaten track.

 Saturday morning fog

 Down by the bridge plaza

 Even the lights barely cut through.

 The bridge receded into the fog.

 In some places, the bridge "appeared to disappear."

 Half a bridge is better than none.

 Some fishermen were undaunted by the fog.

 Captions for the next two photos got lost in the fog...

 As seen from one of the Civil War piers

 A bridge and a pier

 Fence in the fog

 Lights and lights

 Where's that confounded bridge?

 Columbia Crossing

 Along the tracks

 Up on the rooftop...

 A difference of opinion?

 A cellar without a house, soon to be an apartment building
(Locust Street & Bank Avenue)

 Near the intersection of Locust and 441

 Only this headless porch dwarf seemed able to withstand the fog.

 Figure in the fog

 Bordered by the filigree

 The 200 block of Locust, looking east

 The 300 block, same direction

 Saint Paul's Episcopal, 340 Locust

 Saint Francis at Saint Paul's

 Columbia Presbyterian, 360 Locust

 The 400 block of Locust

 Another figure in the fog
(500 block of Locust)

 Dragon at Global Time Wizard

 The Returned Soldier

 The former Manor Street School, now apartments

 "Wagner for Governor" 
Just a photo caption, enthusiastically NOT an endorsement

 So that's how hubcaps are grown.

 Outhouse for a very small person
(Plane Street)

 Checking the plots at 4th & Mill

 A subtly suggested stop?

 Investigation inside

 Pointing the joints

A reader sent this photo of an item dated November 1, 1902 from the original Columbia Spy newspaper. The address is listed as 147 Locust Street.

 Kayaks are back
at Chiques Rock Outfitters.

 Baby on board

 This cat knows which way the wind blows.
(Commerce Street)

 Flagpoles down at the bridge plaza...
The dedication is May 26.

 New Age Riders

 Another low-flier

 So, what actually happened here?
(5th & Walnut)

 Legs with hats
Now we need heads with socks.
(400 block of Locust)

 Leaded glass from times past
(400 block of Locust)

 Gift/Art shop on Locust

 Is he ever here?


 Not so, this one. He's just showing off.

A see-through bird near 2nd & Union

A bird tribunal to judge the preceding birds?

 Resident Heather Shenk submitted these photos (above and below) of a peregrine falcon, taken last Sunday.

It appeared to be hunting some song birds behind the former power substation next to Columbia Fire Company. It landed in a tree on the other side of the former McGinness airfield, looked around for a few minutes, then took off flying in the direction of the river.

 A dragonfly...
Apparently, they're bigger this year.

 Nature's mural (with a little help from a can of paint)

 Secluded tattoo shop on 5th

A sighting of the elusive leaf-backed tabby, rare in these parts


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Anonymous said...

Great job Cole , the fog was really neat watching it burn off . So the spy is over 118 years old and you and Sharon are keeping it going in a great informative piece of Columbia history , Thank you .

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Columbia borough is putting $600,000 into the new hotel ???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't the old chip building used to be 3 stories? The forestors club 3 stories?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures

Anonymous said...

Call the mayor and ask him.

Anonymous said...

Forestors was 2 stories

Anonymous said...

For all the folks who say Columbia doesn't need a police dog , do you want your kids or any kids to pick up the needle on 462? Columbia DOES HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM.

Eric J. White said...

Very Nice

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got a answer from them or him?

Anonymous said...

Whether we need a police dog or not would the dog have prevented that needle on 462?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So why is the borough giving the hotel 600,000 dollars. If any thing they should be giving us the money.

Anonymous said...

It is not that a dog would pick up needles , it is that people would be afraid to have drugs on them if they had contact with the officer and get caught , any thing to help clean up this town would be a plus.

Anonymous said...

That's what the mayor wants (drop it) So here we are WE NEED A POLICE DOG A DETERANT! A dog can also enter houses after the scum that hide in attics etc. The mayor calls himself the # 1 cop but you don't see him entering these houses or checking stopped cars and looking for drugs , he likes lnp when his face is in it .

Anonymous said...

TAX cuts , or a least better streets

Anonymous said...

Maybe or maybe not , if a person is afraid to have drugs on them they would not carry a needle. Dogs work it is proven.

Anonymous said...

Why is the mayors neighbor doing the extensive work (retaining wall with lites) with out a permit in the window? The mayor is like Helm Slective Enforcment.

Anonymous said...

If it is proven - cite the studies.

Anonymous said...

What's to stop this hotel from failing and turning into more section 8 housing?

Anonymous said...

5/2/18 Lancaster news paper Columbia makes the drug news yet again , for the people who say we don't need a drug or police dog what can you say about this???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG. There is no ceiling to the level of stupidity of some people.

Anonymous said...

Columbia needs a police dog and a dedicated foot patrol. Apparently, Lynn lives where the mayor resides, in La-La land. Sounds like Lynn is Columbia's self-appointed boss, telling others that their protection is unimportant and instructing them to "drop it".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

5/3/18 lnp prison dog checking judge bixlers office holding room for drugs stashed for possible prisoner pick up , front page , if Columbias mayor didn't get rid of our dog it could have done the job every time the prisoners would be there. THANKS MAYOR , great job.

Anonymous said...

Lynn how long have you lived in Columbia? Every one who has lived or is living here knows how bad the drugs are here , so how can you say that we don't kneed a dog? A dog is for more than drugs , it keeps people in line , the mayor said we didn't kneed neighborhood watch till the fine students threw rocks at him in his truck on walnut street , after that he changed his mind , but no one knows way he pulled the plug on a police dog.

Unknown said...

Nice fog pictures!

Anonymous said...

Just read article on the spy from 2015 about slective codes inforcement why is Helm still there????????

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

YOU CAN'T TELL IT BY YOUR COMMENTS, AND you don't have Columbia as a towns safety or best image at heart.

Anonymous said...

Lynn must work for the borough.

Anonymous said...

Lynn what are and morals and Columbia borough is only so big , so sections aren't a problem it is a town.

Anonymous said...

Lynn from a person born and raised in Columbia , and with many investments in this town (most likely more than you) I have seen the down fall of town from the scum dealing and using drugs , if you can not see that the borough is trying to clean up the mess that Jeff Helm made with selective inforcement , do to being afraid of some you must not have a valued intrest or own a home ,or maybe even be a dealer yourself, this town needs a dog to make people think twice about what they are doing , whether it is dealing or just tearing things up . When we had a dog with officer Mann it deterred people from doing wrong in many ways , a dog can do many things and people doing the wrong things knew the dog could be around the corner . This town is on the rise and needs every thing it can to deter the bad things that have been going on here , so I and many don't understand way the mayor and people like you are against a police dog and this section thing you talk about is crazy the town is small , it is all Columbia not sections it all needs protection . To lower yourself to tell someone to leave is saying you don't care , where as the people saying they want all protection and deterants do care !

Anonymous said...

Wake up Lynn you are in LALA land , there are needles discarded in the street , what do you want to do invite more druggies into town? Maybe they will set up near your home or beside you , bet you will change your mind then.

Anonymous said...

There is a strong case for Columbia to have K-9 here in town Lynn you may not have had the experience of seeing one of these Officers at work. The K-9 is a loyal dependable highly trained crime fighting force determined to do the job at hand the handler is protected and the criminal is more likely to move away from the Borough due to the knowledge that the K-9 is on patrol with the ability to smell drugs detect a person that can not be seen during a search and hold a person or run down a perp with the sole purpose of protecting the human who is putting their life in danger to protect YOU ! Think about that next time you Lynn try to convince we who know the value of the K-9. We do need the added support these Officers add to our force you fear something you know nothing about.

Unknown said...

I owe my home thank u. Just grow up and get over yourselves no wonder Columbia has such a bad name with u lossers thinking u know people putting me down and calling me names is so grown up

Anonymous said...

Nothing but hope and I think we all are in the hope area. This could bring in a whole new crime level to Columbia , I HOPE the police dept is ready for it.

Anonymous said...

????? what stupidity do you mean???

Anonymous said...

Lynn must have rethought her or his comments

Anonymous said...

All you anonymous people ganging up on Lynn. If you're so damn sure, sign YOUR name! Melissa G

Unknown said...

I didn't rethink my comment I'm just tiered of stupid people

Anonymous said...

No one called Lynn names , she is the one that told people to leave , and she owe her home ? She is the one calling people losers , she has a problem. She also took down her comments that were less than nice . She said Columbia has sections no one else , she is in lala land !!!!!

Anonymous said...

#1 cop might have to work , the rocks the kids threw might be minor.

Anonymous said...

Lynn what do you mean you owe your home , OWE the bank? I am sorry your are tiered ?

Anonymous said...

Lynn you are Columbia out and out.

Anonymous said...

I don't want that person crossing my kids at any street.

Unknown said...

My house is paid off I owe for nothing I have

Anonymous said...

Good for you ,but you said you owe . read your comment and you are tierd that was there too. Maybe some education is in order.

Anonymous said...

Lynn you took down that you stated a dog can't pick up used needles , so I am wondering if you do or just walk by them ?