Sunday, April 15, 2018

About Town

 Photos from around town...

Under the protection of the Black Panther

 Detour signs sprang up along Route 462 last week.

 The detour will redirect traffic due to a portion of Route 441 being closed off between Plane and Mill Streets.


 These white vans have been zipping around the area recently.

 According to "the internets," the vans are performing 3-D mapping for Apple.

They were stationed last week at the self-storage facility along Front Street.

Whatever's up there, birds find it fascinating.

 Mack the bulldog

 Ford Country


 Another painted rock from the Columbia PA Rockz group

 Welcome to Columbia

 Hoppers after an all-night binge?

No, not a bombed-out building in Syria.

 It's what's left of a duplex at Locust Street and Bank Avenue.

 Workers are demo-ing it to make way for a proposed apartment building.

 A lot of working by hand is involved.

 They took advantage of the weather on Saturday to get some work done.

 Last we heard, Brookline Builders might be moving into the former Bigler building at 208-210 Locust.


 Double-crossed again

 Some of Columbia's exquisite architecture from times past


 Here's a close-up of the above.

As it was in 2010: the entrance walkway to 254 Locust Street

 And how it looks today. Another historic building going to hell.

 Here's the old Columbia Telephone Company building (or is it "COLVMBIA")?

 It's now part of Stover's at North 3rd and Avenue H.

 Rivertowne Antique Center just got this new sign to replace the dilapidated one. 

 Skateboarding up hill


 Tending the garden

 Low rider


 This residence along Route 462 was recently rezoned to permit retreats periodically throughout the year.

 The retreats will offer counseling for those who have had abortions.


 A call came in for a brush fire on 7th Street on Saturday. Firefighters arrived to find smoldering mulch in the parking lot of the LGH facility.

 They used a fire extinguisher...

 ... and "outened" the fire.

 If they ever need water, here it is at the "secret" water storage tanks.


 Wonder if the video security system caught who stole this sign.

 Arriving soon: Spring.
(We're still holding out hope that it's coming.)

 Along the yellow line

 No parking here to corner?

 Along the yellow line - again

 800 block of Locust, newly "paved" with steel plates

Further down on River Road


Anonymous said...

How is it that Mr. Weiss was able to destroy the tiles to put a metal mailbox in the ground? Doesn't HARB have to approve such work? Is this the same Haines of York County? If so, in 1931 he had the largest shoe store chain in the United States and a landlord sets up shop and wrecks Columbia's small piece of that history. Priceless storefront destroyed by someone that doesn't give a crap about our local history.

Anonymous said...

The yellow line parking can't be enforced till the mayor starts to park in a legal spot,can we say do as he says, not as he does.

Anonymous said...

Great pics you guys where all over town nice job.

Anonymous said...

Jeff H. set it up that way,easy to ask for forgivness than ask for permission.

Anonymous said...

What does harb do for the home owners? The borough gets points for something , but it seams that the home owners just have to jump threw hoops and cost them money, and told what to do and how,but doesn't pay for anything...

Anonymous said...

Why has there been a car trailer parked on the side walk on cherry street just south of 3rd for weeks , codes and police officers and the mayor go buy it many times a day, is this ok for everyone to do???

Anonymous said...

Selective enforcement They must know him or he's part of the coffee club.

Anonymous said...

So this means there shouldn't be any enforcement till the mayor parks legally , we will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Sister Anna for all she does.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Do they NOT fine people parking on the yellow lines? You can barely turn down Ave J headed to Saint Peter's church as there is ALWAYS someone on the yellow line plus the cars that double park. So, annoying. The double parking on Union Street from 5th to 2nd is crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

Probably because people don't call it in and would rather just complain on social media.

Anonymous said...

"People don't call it in." So the police, codes, parking enforcement, borough officials all turn a blind eye unless it's called in? What a joke. Keep posting it on "social media." We are paying for enforcement, I'm not being paid to enforce.

Anonymous said...

IS'T THERE JOB,why does it need called in,when they see a violation they should act on it. But with the mayor parking illegal a blind eye is what happens.

Anonymous said...

Columbia Boro Police at work, I'm not putting a Ticket on these cars I will have to go to Court for this. Chief and Mayor in their Offices sleeping while at work, our Tax Dollars at WORK.

Anonymous said...

If that is true that is really sad. Your meter runs out, ticket! Other than that it's do as you please!

Anonymous said...

very true,cops don't like paper work, but parking enforcement does.