Sunday, April 1, 2018

About Town

Pics about town from the past week...


 and contrast.

 Walking the beat

 Another one bites the dust!

 There's another one of those rocks.
Probably placed there by a member of the Columbia PA Rockz Facebook group.
By the way, Columbia DOES rock.

 A peek inside the Market House.
There's a Keeley and a couple of signs.

 Two more Keeley stoves in the abandoned space.
The three stoves were recently taken off the borough's auction list.
They may have been manufactured at the Keeley Stove Company that was based in Columbia.

 At the apex of the inverted V

 Newly cleared
Compare and contrast with THIS PHOTO from last summer.

 So, even if guns don't kill people, window decals still misspell "misspell" and Hillary is still the boogie man under every right-winger's bed. 

 Race to the finish!
(Actually, the one on the right isn't being operated.)

 A "closer-up" view

 Riding the gravy train into the sunset

 Down at the bridge plaza...

 the ground is being prepared for the installation of brick sidewalks.

 The deadline to have engraved bricks installed for military personnel is April 15 (for the May 26 dedication). More information HERE.

 Traffic control cameras? Or two of the borough's "covert" cameras? An official has said the traffic lights here at 4th & Locust are on a timer. So, why the cameras?

 Columbia 2118?

 Mullen Books, near the bottom of Walnut

 Time to paint the poles

 And who among us hasn't hauled our Moosehead around on our Thule roof rack?

Speaking of moose heads

 Yes, don't litter. Don't pour out your used motor oil or your leftover Moosehead here.

 Insert a very large quarter into this outrageously oversized piggy bank.

Not a downspout but a spout down

 Yes emphysize it.

 Biker chicks?

 No, just some very nice Mennonite girls - and boys

They were looking for the trail, and as is often the case with out-of-town folks, they got confused due to the lack of proper signage.

 Fortunately, Columbia Spy was there to direct them on their way.

 Afterwards, a giant cow sped by.
Just another day in Columbia.

 There's a noncomformist in every crowd. Let's hope so anyway.

 Yep, more of the same

 Pretty pretty

 Waiting for something to die

 Why do Hempfield buses park in our high school parking lot?


 Speaking of school district vehicles...

Here's one parked in a curious place.
(Note the sign.)

 What is that thing up there anyway? Even the sparrow seems to want to know.

 It's atop the old Poplar Street School.

 Cut-rate basketball hoop

 Little red wagon painted green

 Documents...not shredded

 Get the shovels out. Mother Nature's been a...

The claw descends.

Any day, it will take down this mobile home...

 and the houses behind to make way for the construction of an apartment building. More information on the project can be found HERE.

 For free. No, not the building - the table.

 The mayflies are early this year.

 Hinkle's - on its way back.

 Follow that trailer!

 Bring that, too!

 Eagles in some sort of mating ritual

 Too far and too fast for the camera

 They chased each other for a few minutes...

 and flew into the distance.

 The parking lot-to-be at Walnut & Commerce is shaping up nicely.

 Springsteen fan

Education FAIL


Anonymous said...

Great pics, you cant blame the kid or kids on the spelling problem!! Columbia schools are pretty sad,and it shows!!!

Unknown said...

No pics of the Egg Hunt from Saturday at Glatfelters?

Anonymous said...

Yes the driver of the schools truck can't read(maybe it was the Strickler)

Anonymous said...

The chicks on bikes show us a good view of our $32,000 fence.

Anonymous said...

The view of hotel locust rear is owned by the citizens of Columbia so the borough workers better keep it cleaned up if they want all citizens to keep there places up to borough codes. WOW look at the progress at 208-210 locust and tax payers have over $150,000 in that .

Anonymous said...

When the question of the school buses at the high school was ask last year the answer was they didn't know why they were there. Is this right hand doesn't know what left hands doing?

Anonymous said...

Great pics as always, thank you spy.

Anonymous said...

What is the parking lot at walnut and commerce for??

Anonymous said...

Maybe they (cameras) are sensors for emergence vehicles to over ride the lites.

Joe Lintner said...

Public parking

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

Over flow for river park ha ha

Anonymous said...

I recall 4 Keeley Stoves at our Market, where is the lost one?

Anonymous said...

STA Bus company which transport Hempfield students, is ALSO contracted by Columbia Boro to transport CTC students, Special Needs students to other schools, and CHS sports teams...from Columbia School district.

Anonymous said...

Really nice work!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mayor could answer that or find out, it didn't walk away.

Anonymous said...

Someone should let the princal know.

Anonymous said...

A 4 foot chain link fence would have done the same job at 1/20 the price, good job borough council for spending tax payers money again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The leader of the school got a degree online, if they did the work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why don't the parking enforcement people ticket the truck that is parked 3 to 5 feet from the cross walk on 3rd street every day at locust street, the law says 20 feet. Does this make ok for everyone to park like this?

Anonymous said...

When did sports teams ride in school buses?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who decided to auction them off???

Anonymous said...

Who's ok was for this over priced fence,what other street or alley did the borough protect with a fence?

Anonymous said...

Maybe cole can get a picture of that vehicle next time he does around town photos so the right people can see that, they need to obey the laws to!!

Joe Lintner said...

Council presented a list of auction items at a recent meeting. At a later committee meeting, it was discussed that the items might be advertised in the Merchandiser instead of having an auction.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care?