Thursday, April 12, 2018

Abel, Justin E - (1) Count DUI - General Impairment and 2 additional charges | Southern Lancaster County Regional Police Department

Justin E. Abel, 38 years of age from the  400 Blk. of Norwood Rd. Columbia  has been charged with one count each of the following: DUI (General Impairment), DUI (High Rate BAC), and Driving on Roadways Laned For Traffic. 

The charges stem from an incident which occurred on 4/5/18 at approx. 1:30 AM in the 500 Blk. of Long Ln. in Pequea Twp.  Abel's vehicle was observed by Officer Huyett weaving across the yellow line into the oncoming traffic lane multiple times. A vehicle stopped was executed and Able was found to have a BAC between .10 and .16%. 

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

Arrest Date: 
Thursday, April 5, 2018


Southern Lancaster County Regional Police


  1. Yup west hempfield again

    1. The 400 Norwood Road can either be Columbia Borough or West Hempfield. Since this bothers you so severely I would think you would know this.

    2. Come on it can't be either, it pays taxes to hempfield , if it is north of clovertain drive it is hempfield,and the person it bothers is the mayor of Columbia for the bad press it gives the borough every time people make news and they aren't in the borough. Maybe you could post a map reflecting the borough/township line since you seem to be on top of your game. Thank you.

    3. Perhaps you can pull up a map yourself and see it can be either municipality depending on the exact address.

  2. This week there were prob, 5 or 6 people arrested that arent technicaly columbia, prob have people that are looking to buy a home or walk down town thinking, columbia is a bad town and well its bad for buisness!!

  3. I'm putting my home up for sale and leaving this town because the police don't enforce all the laws fairly. Certain individuals are protected and get away with running around doing what they want bullying whoever they want and get away with it when it is reported to the police. They suck in this town and the wrong people are protected. When I grew up in west hempfield township problems were and still are addressed properly. So yeah this town has a lousy reputation for many reasons that just being 1 of them.