Monday, April 30, 2018

Arbor Day in Columbia - Photo Highlights

The 27th annual Arbor Day ceremony was held at Columbia's Makle Park on Friday, April 27. The event was sponsored by the Columbia Borough Shade Tree Commission and the Columbia Tree Society. Master of Ceremonies Pam Williams (above) opened the proceedings.

Council President Kelly Murphy offered remarks on the significance of Arbor Day.

Sandra Duncan addressed the crowd.

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School Choir accompanied Duncan in a musical performance.

Amy Evans, chair of the Columbia Borough Shade Tree Commission, offered welcoming remarks.

Mark Zeamer announced the coloring contest winners.

Mayor Leo Lutz spoke of the environmental value of trees.

Boy Scout Troop  #35 gave the salute.

Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School Choir performed several songs during the ceremony . . .

featuring several soloists.

Rick Hartleib from the DCNR Bureau of Forestry spoke again this year and presented the Tree City USA Award.

Sam Edmond planted a tree in memory of his father.

A flag was unveiled recognizing Columbia as a Tree City USA.

Columbia High School senior Marcus Falcon read Joyce Kilmer's "Trees."

Sunday, April 29, 2018

About Town

This week's pics in and around Columbia...

 This Moto Marshal was part of the "Face of America" event, participants of which passed through Columbia on Sunday morning.

The event is organized by World T.E.A.M., which brings adaptive and able-bodied athletes together by empowering, enabling and engaging individuals through inclusive athletic events, according to the organization's website.

 The cyclists were on their way to Gettysburg, after having spent a Saturday night stopover in Lancaster. They started out in Philadelphia.

Several dozen cyclists took part.

 Even recumbent bikes were welcome.

 Friendly bikers passing through

The group stopped briefly along Chestnut Street before re-embarking. They planned to meet up in Gettysburg with another group that set out from Arlington National Cemetery.


 Someone left the door open down at the tracks.

 Here's a sidewalk syringe along 462.

 Last winter's river ice did a number on the bald cypress trees along the shoreline. The one shown above is listing a bit, so let's fix it...

 There, that's better.

 Checking out the knitted caps...
She'll need at least three.

 This is who's doing the financing for the construction project at Locust Street and Bank Avenue.

 PA Heroes Walk/Ride June 2

 16.2 miles on the Northwest River Trail

Some folks prefer another route: 
ON the beaten track.

 Saturday morning fog

 Down by the bridge plaza

 Even the lights barely cut through.

 The bridge receded into the fog.

 In some places, the bridge "appeared to disappear."

 Half a bridge is better than none.

 Some fishermen were undaunted by the fog.

 Captions for the next two photos got lost in the fog...

 As seen from one of the Civil War piers

 A bridge and a pier

 Fence in the fog

 Lights and lights

 Where's that confounded bridge?

 Columbia Crossing

 Along the tracks

 Up on the rooftop...

 A difference of opinion?

 A cellar without a house, soon to be an apartment building
(Locust Street & Bank Avenue)

 Near the intersection of Locust and 441

 Only this headless porch dwarf seemed able to withstand the fog.

 Figure in the fog

 Bordered by the filigree

 The 200 block of Locust, looking east

 The 300 block, same direction

 Saint Paul's Episcopal, 340 Locust

 Saint Francis at Saint Paul's

 Columbia Presbyterian, 360 Locust

 The 400 block of Locust

 Another figure in the fog
(500 block of Locust)

 Dragon at Global Time Wizard

 The Returned Soldier

 The former Manor Street School, now apartments

 "Wagner for Governor" 
Just a photo caption, enthusiastically NOT an endorsement

 So that's how hubcaps are grown.

 Outhouse for a very small person
(Plane Street)

 Checking the plots at 4th & Mill

 A subtly suggested stop?

 Investigation inside

 Pointing the joints

A reader sent this photo of an item dated November 1, 1902 from the original Columbia Spy newspaper. The address is listed as 147 Locust Street.

 Kayaks are back
at Chiques Rock Outfitters.

 Baby on board

 This cat knows which way the wind blows.
(Commerce Street)

 Flagpoles down at the bridge plaza...
The dedication is May 26.

 New Age Riders

 Another low-flier

 So, what actually happened here?
(5th & Walnut)

 Legs with hats
Now we need heads with socks.
(400 block of Locust)

 Leaded glass from times past
(400 block of Locust)

 Gift/Art shop on Locust

 Is he ever here?


 Not so, this one. He's just showing off.

A see-through bird near 2nd & Union

A bird tribunal to judge the preceding birds?

 Resident Heather Shenk submitted these photos (above and below) of a peregrine falcon, taken last Sunday.

It appeared to be hunting some song birds behind the former power substation next to Columbia Fire Company. It landed in a tree on the other side of the former McGinness airfield, looked around for a few minutes, then took off flying in the direction of the river.

 A dragonfly...
Apparently, they're bigger this year.

 Nature's mural (with a little help from a can of paint)

 Secluded tattoo shop on 5th

A sighting of the elusive leaf-backed tabby, rare in these parts