Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snow Emergency in Effect

A Snow Emergency will be in effect in the Borough of Columbia beginning at 12:00 Noon, Wednesday, March 21, 2018. The Snow Emergency will remain in effect until further notice. The Snow Emergency will be to facilitate clean-up efforts in the Borough.

Vehicle travel on Borough Streets marked as "Snow Emergency Routes" shall be in accordance with the Borough's "Snow Emergency Ordinance" except for emergency situations. No person shall operate a vehicle on any Snow Emergency Route in such a manner or in such condition as to allow or permit such vehicle to become stalled on a "Snow Emergency Route" either by reason of the fact that the driving wheels are not equipped with chains or proper tires, by the exhaustion of the fuel supply to the vehicle, or by abandonment of the vehicle.

Parking on "Snow Emergency Routes" shall be prohibited. Parking is available in Borough Parking Lots located at Front and Locust Street, next to Borough Hall on Locust and in the former telephone company lot in Avenue H between 2nd and 3rdStreet. Parking will be permitted after the street has been cleared. Residents are reminded it is illegal to throw snow in the street and to place various items along Borough Streets to reserve parking.

The Borough shall have the authority to remove and impound, or to order the removal and impounding of any vehicle parked or abandoned on a "Snow Emergency Route" during the Snow Emergency and to remove any items left on the streets. During clean-up residents will be notified to move their vehicles on a street by street basis.

Residents are further reminded to remove snow from sidewalks per Columbia Borough Code.

The following Streets have been designated "Snow Emergency Routes":

Locust Street, Front to Fifth Street                             

North Third Street, Locust to Cedar Street

Chestnut Street, Second to Fifth Street                      

North Fifth Street, Chestnut to Locust Street

Lancaster Avenue, Locust to Malleable Road           

Kinderhook Road

Ironville Pike, Ninth to Borough Limit                      

Ninth Street, Ironville Pike to Lancaster Ave

Declared this 21st Day of March, 2018

Leo S. Lutz, Mayor

Borough of Columbia


Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. There are other streets designated as snow emergency routes not listed. For example, the snow emergency route on Locust Street runs from Front to Ninth Street, or so the signs posted in every block tell me. Are these not included or did the Mayor forget?

Anonymous said...

there is only 6 people on the highway dept. to remove all this snow. Maybe we are saving taxpayer dollars by not calling in outside help to complete the whole route.

Anonymous said...

sounds great to me. Patience is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

It will melt soon. No Worries.

Anonymous said...

The columbia highway dept. Did one hell of a job on the boro streets, for the hours involved and the intense snow fall, i plow for myself, and it was hell trying to keep up with the snow, great job!!

Anonymous said...

Only 2 live in Columbia, and more overtime for the 6!! They make 58 thousand dollars a year!

Anonymous said...

Good job guys

Anonymous said...

Trophy for doing your JOB!

Anonymous said...

and doing it well! thank you :)

Anonymous said...