Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Man beats quick ticket, charges dropped due to errors

A Summary Trial Notice shows an incorrect name for the defendant.  The mistake was initially made on the quick ticket that was issued.

A Columbia man successfully beat a quick ticket charge due to mistakes by the officer who wrote the ticket. At a March 13 hearing before District Justice Miles Bixler, the defendant, Angel Rodriquez, said the name on the ticket - "Angela" Rodriguez - was incorrect. Rodriguez also said he does not own or rent property at the Union Street address listed on the ticket. According to Rodriguez, he entered a plea of "Not Guilty," and charges were dismissed based on the errors. The quick ticket was issued for a small TV placed on the sidewalk outside the address.


Anonymous said...

Name maybe messed up but he does rent from there. If he doesnt now he DID.

Anonymous said...

The name issue would be considered a Scrivener's error, in legal terms and would not be cause for dismissal. The fact he did not own or rent the property is, in not so legal terms, a huge dumb a$$ mistake that is cause for dismissal!

Anonymous said...

Did he get his hundred dollars back, or did,t he put it up?