Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Coffee With LNP postponed until April 2

Because of the snow, the Columbia edition of CoffeeWith LNP planned for today has been rescheduled for 6-8 p.m. April 2.


  1. We can always count on Columbia Spy

  2. What is this event about? LNP gathering more information to write another degrading article about Columbia Schools? Remember the great headline "Failing in slow motion"? They should be banned from ever entering Columbia ever again!!!

    1. I remember that headline, Failing in Slow Motion. Not a flattering article by any means. Due to advertising taking up a percent of every page, LNP does not have the space to accommodate large, frequent articles about Columbia or any other town. You will get occasional articles, but you will not be able to find daily articles there. They cover 60 municipalities and simply cannot provide extensive coverage for any one municipality. Their coverage of borough meetings is minimal. They do not attend all committee meetings. If you enjoy reading about what other towns are doing, LNP provides a great variety.

  3. Well, the title fit what is happening in Columbia schools. I had a friend take her daughter out of Taylor building and send to a local Catholic school and she was WAY WAY behind! She's all caught up this year but it took some time.