Sunday, March 25, 2018

About Town

56 photos from the last two weeks...

The borough has been notifying residents of the upcoming street sweeping season with these yellow warning tickets. Next time (starting March 26, 2018) will be the real deal, and it'll cost you.

Even the codes car got a warning ticket.

 Good thing the street sweeper is running again. Here's a view of the 400 block of Locust a week or two ago. The sweeper hadn't been operating since late last year. The borough should have issued corn brooms and dust pans in the interim.

 Anyway, here's a line of jeeps at River Park.

 And here's a posterior view.

 These two were tethered to a parking meter in front of Stover's. Hopefully, the owner plugged the meter with a quarter. Or would it be two quarters in this case?

 They terrorized people going in and out of the store.

 But quickly got their act together when they spotted the paparazzi.

 Cannabis - not just for stoners anymore.

 A miracle crop?

 Who says there's no free ride?

 Lady harpsichordist at 5th & Cherry...

 accompanies a lady on the flute.

Seen at a local gas station 

[From Wikipedia]:
Since November 2000, the standard Washington, D.C. license plate design has featured the slogan "Taxation Without Representation," referring to the unique circumstance that the district's residents face, in which they must pay federal income tax but cannot elect a voting member of the United States Congress.
Unfortunately, many other elected officials don't really represent their constituents.

 One order of seagull, over light

 A possible Apache helicopter flying over
[Follow-up: We're told it's a Blackhawk.]

 On Bank Avenue - Ghost signs, evidence of the Columbia that once was

 The former Columbia No. 1 Fire Department building along Front Street
The borough has been trying to unload this, although it may become construction headquarters for the upcoming Veterans Memorial Bridge project.

 It was built in 2003.

 PA State Police helicopter flying over

 More work from our local junk artist

 He arranges found objects down at the railroad tracks.

 Some of which include shards of glass, pieces of bricks and rusted metal objects.

Other materials include dried-out plants and metal strips.

Here's another example, piled high.

 A dead possum was incorporated into this piece.


 Sliver of green cheese

On Bank Avenue, an old microwave has been added to the trash pile.

Is this the varmint that's been molesting the trash?

 Behind the abandoned trailer, most of the tires have been moved.

 They've been piled into a dumpster.

 As seen here

 Speaking of tires, here are two more for the dumpster.

 This accident occurred last Friday at Short 6th & Union. No one was seriously hurt.

 That's one way to keep your bike's essentials dry.

 A white-breasted nuthatch(?) with something in its beak at Laurel Hill

 This is what happens when you throw your money around.

 Furry feral felines

 Here comes the thaw after Mother Nature's gut-punch last Wednesday.

 And here's a photo of a photo of the bridge in a window on the 400 block of Locust.

 A Picassoesque glass head peers out of the window at Through the Fire Studios.

 Gone fishin'

 A grinch in bunny's clothing?
(Tacos to Go)

 Mardi Gras beads at Lazy K

 Free furniture, gently used

 So much for the sign

 Apartment 1 must be OK.

 But Apartments 2, 3, and 4 are unlawful.
This is the building with the French Quarter wrought iron railings.

 Easter's on the way.

 Amazing Spider-Man poster at Cooper's Comics at North 5th & Locust.
(Johnny Romita Sr. was the best Spider-Man artist.)

 Hours of operation

 Here's a joyful fellow waiting for something to die.

 And here's an eagle that has turned to stone.

 Even NO PARKING signs get cold in the winter.

A Chinook flying over


  1. The first helicopter appears to be some sort of Blackhawk model. The Apache is more of a gun ship than the Blackhawk.

  2. Replies
    1. Any quick tickets on bank ave? Must be slective enforcement again.

    2. MY guess is they (codes) aren't going to do anything about the bank muesun either, property owners are getting slamed,What about this eye sore? They got away with it for years under J.Helm but whats happening now?

    3. Great job Cole keep up the good work THANK YOU

    4. What is in the bays at the Columbia #1 building? Are the tax payers heating it? Why not put the (money pit trolley ) in there too? Opps NOT LEO'S IDEA sorry.

    5. looks like some one's car in the center bay, are they paying yo park there? WHERES THE PARKING PEOPLE?


    7. The fire company is still using the bays for the fire police vehicle and the boats. This was part of the agreement with the boro. The fire dept is working on additional space at Manor to eventually house the rest of the equipment. There is NO heat or water in the building at this time.

    8. That is a car in the middle bay, didn't know the fire company or fire police had a car.

    9. That is a Chevy Tahoe in the middle bay that is used for towing a boat or the ATV.

    10. better blow up the pic

    11. You should know your facts or go look. I run with the fire department and know what is kept behind the doors.

  3. If I were a Drone !!

  4. Is this the life we really want ??

  5. [Verse 1: Roger Waters]

    The goose has gotten fat
    On caviar in fancy bars
    And subprime loans
    And broken homes
    Is this the life, the holy grail?
    It’s not enough that we succeed
    We still need others to fail

    [Verse 2: Roger Waters]
    Fear, fear drives the mills of modern man
    Fear keeps us all in line
    Fear of all those foreigners
    Fear of all their crimes
    Is this the life we really want? (Want, want, want, want)
    It surely must be so
    For this is a democracy and what we all say goes

    [Verse 3: Roger Waters]
    And every time a student is run over by a tank
    And every time a pirate’s dog is forced to walk the plank
    Every time a Russian bride is advertised for sale
    And every time a journalist is left to rot in jail
    Every time a young girl’s life is casually spent
    And every time a nincompoop becomes the president
    Every time somebody dies reaching for their keys
    And every time that Greenland falls in the fucking sea is because
    All of us, the blacks and whites
    Chicanos, Asians, every type of ethnic group
    Even folks from Guadeloupe, the old, the young
    Toothless hags, super models, actors, fags, bleeding hearts
    Football stars, men in bars, washerwomen, tailors, tarts
    Grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts
    Friends, relations, homeless tramps
    Clerics, truckers, cleaning ladies
    Ants – maybe not ants
    Why not ants?
    Well because its true
    The ants don’t have enough IQ to differentiate between
    The pain that other people feel
    And well, for instance, cutting leaves
    Or crawling across windowsills in search of open treacle tins
    So, like the ants, are we just dumb?
    Is that why we don’t feel or see?
    Or are we all just numbed out on reality TV?

    [Outro: Roger Waters]
    So, every time the curtain falls
    Every time the curtain falls on some forgotten life
    It is because we all stood by, silent and indifferent
    It's normal

  6. That's not art. It's trash in a pile. Shouldn't the person just throw it away?

  7. Im going off course on this,, but can anyone tell me or post a pic on here, im looking for a picture of the columbia river rat, for a small project im doing, if nobody has a picture, if they could tell me where i could find it, they used to be on license plates but nobody has a license plate anymore thank you

    1. Is this it:

  8. Thanks cole, im looking for the rat with the boxing gloves that i believe is from the 70s- 80s

  9. What is up with handicapped parking spot for a resident on 2nd street that can walk, chase neighborhood kids and doesn't have any physical handicap AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the bullies in school!! WHAT ABOUT THE BULLIES IN TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What's up with the 2 of them on 3rd street with the handicap space? They can walk all over town and do all kinds of activity but they have to park right next to their apartment.

    2. If the Boro places a handicapped sign then documentation was presented prior to their decision.
      Get a life and worry about real issues.

    3. I don't get that AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Who approves these? Are they for mentally ill people or what? Law used to state "must already hold an placard for handicap parking" ... also must have a doctor complete the form. It can be because you are inconvenienced when people park in front of your house. Also, they are supposed to be reviewed every year. Abuse, just like welfare abuse, etc. Everyone is running some sort of scam!!!

    4. What address 1 h/c spot only

    5. If it's for inconvenience as you state, sign me up!
      Now go take your meds.

    6. If the borough officials are behind the decision on who qualifies for handicap parking spaces, then there, you have the answer.

    7. What's your scam??
      Mental illness is a handicap by the way. Your filled with hate, please get help.

  10. Great Photos as always! Handicapped Parking comments though?
    Wish the haters would educate themselves before posting comments.

  11. Back to the bank museum ,is it open,and if it is why aren't codes doing there jobs, if not why is it still on the towns things to do list??? DOES THIS PROPERTY PAY TAXES? THERE ARE PEOPLE LIVING THERE. The codes dept is going after home owners for flaking paint, and we have this representing the town and has been like this for years.

    1. What exactly is the Museum violation, a set of doors covered while being restored?

    2. Those doors have been covered up for almost 20 years now. "Restoration"? Give me a break.

    3. LOOK AT THE REST OF THE BUILDING, and wait till you get a letter from codes on your building(if you own one)they are giving people 6 weeks to do the things that they say.(NOT 20 YEARS)


  12. DICRIMATION PLAiN AND SIMPLE The people of this town are getting sh-- on , but no one cares, and that's why the general people say they don't care.

  13. Some of these comments as many are are utterly stupid.

  14. Those Museum doors have been like that for years they are not fixing them up


    2. Why do you say they don't pay taxes? Believe me, I agree that the plywood needs to go, but let's be fair. Do we know for fact that they do not pay taxes?

    3. It is listed under a museum, they aren't paying taxes,why do you think it's been like that 20 years, like a church.

    4. Museum doors being covered? Apparently you have the same glasses that codes has been wearing. Not only years of plywood, all of the paint on shutters, sills, and pillars is peeling/chipped. That building could and should be a grand showpiece for Locust Street.