Monday, March 5, 2018

About Town

Pics from around Columbia over the past week...

Despite Wednesday's forecast, these tundra swans, illuminated by the late afternoon sun, tell us spring is right around the corner and down the street.

 That pothole at the Columbia Plaza is getting worse. Is it the beginning of a sinkhole?

 Moon emerging from clouds.

 Moon atop a flagpole.

 When you absotively posilutely have to get rid of the evidence.

 Scarf bombing downtown.

 Flock of seagulls.

 Seagulls billowing from the roof of Columbia Crossing.

 Here's one minus a foot.

 Work bus on its way to or from work.

 Patched pothole in Avenue H.

 At the water's edge.

 Down but not out.

 Full throttle.

 Have a seat at 3rd & Perry.

 Your nemesis - and mine.

 Land Bank Authority sign.

 There it is at the infamous 208-210 Locust.

 Ventilated door; that is, NO WINDOW.

 Strong winds last week blew the siding off this house near the bottom of Locust Street.

 No. Just no.

 Strong winds toppled this tree along Ironville Pike.

 More signs of spring bustin' through.

 Evidence of scarf bombing on the 500 block of Locust.

 The library held its Topping Off ceremony on Saturday.

 Strong winds knocked over this sign along Route 441.

 Also along 441: abandoned tires.

 Speaking of tires, here's a few dozen along Bank Avenue.

 They're sitting behind a mobile home there.

 How many puns about tires are there?
How about "I'm tired of this."

Or, "Don't tread on me."

Still there:
Looks like feral cats and rats are having a feast next to the mobile home.

 Quick-change artists.

 Emergency personnel responded to a call for a water rescue but found only debris against a rock. 

 Watchers watched from the bridge.

 Is this street-legal?

 This is what you don't want to see coming at you. Fortunately, only the one on the left was. The one on the right was being towed.

Is this street-legal?


Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB COLE. GLAD TO SEE ALL THE PROGRESS ON 208-210 LOCUST ST. WITH $126,000 TAX PAYERS MONEY.That banner must have cost $50, I hope the land bank doesn't ask the council for more money.

Anonymous said...

Nice you can see the end of columbias $40,000 dollar fence behind the sign that blew over,thank god it didn't blow into the fence.

Anonymous said...

Hey they had cold patch for a alley, WHAT ABOUT 320 S 2ND GUTTER STAND OFF??????

Anonymous said...

Cole, I know you and Sharon put a lot of time into this website. Surely you know you have many more viewers than just those who post comments. Your hard work is so appreciated. Thank you for what you do!
Great pictures, I especially enjoyed the two TH trucks. You have a knack for being at the right place at the right time.

Anonymous said...

Are the tires gonna be looked at and fixed? That a rodant mansion! I love the pics, its funny how u see more things that are wrong in this town then the PAID, codes office!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The torn trash bags and piles of tires are on the property that will become the new apartment building. I hope this is not an indication of how the new building will be maintained.

Anonymous said...

money tree @ borough farm

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because the new owners know all about that! Please! Why would anyone even invest in this town. You are all so negative!

Anonymous said...

If the new owners know all about that, then why is it like this? Are they exempt from code regulations?

Anonymous said...

yup right now they are saints in leo's eyes

Anonymous said...

West Niles Virus!

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm! Of course THEY DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cole and Sharon keep up the great work.....

Anonymous said...

Where are the code officers? anyone else would be quick ticketed.(EXCEPT BIGLERS)

Anonymous said...

There are a few properties that a strong wind should blow over ... like the house on Locust street in the picture. The shanties in Ave J, home to loud obnoxious drug dealers!

Anonymous said...

The stand off continues, wait till a big sink hole starts, just like Cole pointed out in a pic

Anonymous said...

They do now.

Anonymous said...

CODES-POLICE make the call

Anonymous said...

Question? Does anyone who works for the borough (mayor,council,on down) have to live in the borough? It seams that residents would see more if they lived here than someone who lives in say Lampeter or some wear else and really take pride in the town,more so than a pay check.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the scrapers get a hold of that (40,000 dollar) fence.

Anonymous said...

No glass in the door and no street number, CODE VIOLATION. GOOD JOB Cole and Sharon,somebody has to keep after this town.

Anonymous said...

Don't Columbia need a bird cannon to keep the birds off the river crossing? Maybe it will happen after one of our higher ups gets dropped on.