Thursday, February 8, 2018

Columbia Borough School District staff receive active shooter training | Columbia Borough Police Department

On 01/29/18 the Columbia Borough Police Department conducted an active shooter training called ALICE at the Columbia Borough School District.  Over 150 employees to include teachers, cafeteria staff, maintenance personnel, office staff and administrators were trained by Columbia Borough Police officers in the principles of ALICE.  ALICE is a widely recognized active shooter training, started after the Columbine tragedy, which "provides staff and students with an option-based response to an active shooter gaining entry into a school…" (ALICE website).  According to the ALICE website, more than 3,000 Law Enforcement Agencies and over 4,000 schools have received similar training.

In addition to the ALICE program, all staff members were trained in the Stop the Bleed program.  Stop the Bleed campaign was launched in October of 2015.  According to the Homeland Security website, the program, "is intended to encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives."  Training for the program was provided by a trauma team from Penn Medicine-Lancaster General Health.

According to Chief Jack Brommer with Columbia Borough Police, "The Police Department is grateful to Superintendent Tom Strickler and the Columbia Borough School District staff for allowing us to conduct this most important training.  Both the ALICE training and Stop the Bleed program will better prepare our School District if faced with an active shooter incident.  Preventing an incident through communication and prompt action is most important, however the knowledge gained through both trainings will help to prevent injuries and save lives."

Tom Strickler, Superintendent with Columbia Borough School District, stated "Columbia is fortunate to have active and involved police officers and the leadership of Chief Brommer in being proactive for our employees and most important, the safety of our students.  Our team looks forward to working with the police department in the future as we continue ALICE training in each of the District facilities."

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