Monday, February 19, 2018

About Town

Photos from around Columbia over the past week...

The Grinch is at it again.

This time he's playing Cupid at Tacos to Go.


 Someone left a motorcycle trophy outside.

 Someone left a Flyers trashcan outside.
(Is someone making a statement?)

 Flagpoles at the bridge plaza.
There might be a presentation with flags flying on May 26 of this year.

 This is what happens when you leave a stump unattended for too long - It grows a hubcap.


 Interior of the Market House

 Workers were seen removing stands last Thursday.
Columbia Borough is receiving bids until March 7, 2018 for the leasing of the building.
The legal notice is HERE.


 One of several unofficial NO PARKING signs near South 6th & Locust last week.

 Hey, who snapped this tree on North 3rd (near Hinkle's)?
Maybe one of the "covert" cameras saw the perpetrator.

(We all have days like this.)

 117 & 119 North 5th:
Renovated and ready to rent.

 Snowman on the 500 block of Chestnut

 And an accomplice

Although this one on South 4th will probably last longer.

 Leaving town

 Steel plates? We got 'em!

 Renovating at Hinkle's

 City Gate's events calendar

 Free coffee, donut, and tour


 Happy Birthday!

 Way up high at St. Peter's Apartments

 Yep, way up high

 Fallen bricks on the 300 block of South 4th

 Some sort of towers on their sides on the first block of Barber

Glass, lots o' glass
(301 Locust)

 More work behind the Rising Sun/Prudhomme's building

 Here's a longer view.

Up the ladder


 Guys removing slate shingles at the library

 Hard at work

 View from the front

 Stacking them on the skid

 The big picture

Heavy load, higher and higher


What's happening here?

 Looks like Art Printing at the bottom of Locust got their windows painted.

 Lookin' good!

 Here's their hanging sign.

No worries - the original is now inside the shop.


 Civil War bridge pier near the Veterans Memorial Bridge

 Meanwhile, over at Columbia Crossing, the seagulls are re-enacting a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

 Jet ski storage along Heritage Drive

 This past Saturday, the river starting creeping up again.

 Fortunately, this sentinel kept watch.

On Sunday, it crept further.


 Out at 1019 Lancaster Avenue, this humble house has seen its last days. Demolition has begun.

 Here's the back roof in the back yard.

 Most of the debris went directly into the purple dumpster.

 Here's what it looked like from the other side of the street.

 And closer up

 Tearing it down

 Going, going, gone!

Another one bites the dust, or in this case - the mud!


Anonymous said...

Why was the house torn down and who gave the approval to destroy the inside of the market? Is Heritage Drive an approved dump?

Anonymous said...

When was it decided o gut the market house I didn't hear anything about it at the council
meeting. Too many secret things going on in this town. People who pay taxes should be more informed.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling to find minutes for zoning board and for planning commission meetings. I'm fairly literate with regard to computers, but I cannot find recent minutes, I just don't think they are there.

Anonymous said...

How much did the Borough pay for the demolition of the interior? Was this discussed in any prior meeting? I would have paid to have a piece of a stand. Those stands are at least a 100 years old if not longer.
It looks like a warehouse and would cost the Leaser a fortune to rebuild the interior, the insurance is ridiculous and heating would be atrocious. Then we get the Summer heat that can absorb capital for air conditioning.
I am really sad that the last non profit did not work hard enough to make it a public gathering place. They should just sell it due to the fact that you are under the scrutiny of the Columbia government. I read over the lease which is long winded and makes you very uneasy with the requirements. The Market House should be in control of a real estate firm to manage.

Just one last thing is a long goodbye to great memories with my family and friends for over 50 years. Taking a dungeon tour in the 1st grade, getting Utz chips off that metal tray, stands like Gibble's Poultry, Funk's, Jill's, Rap's, Pot Belly Soups, Keagy's Produce, and a host of other great vendors. We will not forget!

Anonymous said...

Interior work was done by borough workers since the borough owns the bjilding. Heard stands were tested and found to have lead paint plus they weren't very sturdy or useful.

Anonymous said...

I'm one beer bottle on the lawn away from leaving this town. All of this spending and the same dirty issues cannot be resolved. The trash in the 100 block of South Fourth Street has been talked about for years and it is the same today as it was then. Quick tickets are being issued for snow removal, at least the snow melts, not so for the trash. The borough brought in over $1,700.00 in one day for snow quick tickets. Let's see some littering enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You are so right! Litter every where and they are out ticketing people for snow or ice removal, some of which would have melted in an hour or two anyway!! Why is it okay to litter?

Also, it was shocking seeing the market house gutted!!!

Anonymous said...

They constantly tax the homeowners for stupid stuff always nosing around nitpicking but everyone else gets a pass. The code enforcement unit in this town does what is easy for them and screw us taxpayers. I'm moving out of this town as soon as I can sell my house.

Anonymous said...

Don't move!! There's going to be a new coffee shop, art galleries!! It's going to be as quaint as Lititz.

Anonymous said...

is this town becoming a new Germany under new still hitler?

Ed said...

Thanks for putting the kids snowmen on here. It made them happy.

Anonymous said...

great job cole someone lets people know whats going on .try to find minutes on any council or meeting it takes 30 to 60 days to get filtered