Thursday, January 4, 2018

Warning issued about river ice


JANUARY 4, 2018

It was reported earlier to a neighboring police department that kids had been walking out onto the ice on the river. The ice on the river is not safe to walk on. There will be places that the ice is different thicknesses and may have a gap between the ice and the flowing water underneath. If you fall through there is a good chance that emergency services will not be able to get to you. Yesterday there was a few open water holes on the river and today they had a thin layer of ice that was covered with snow. Please do not attempt to walk onto the ice.

Source: Columbia Borough Police Department


  1. Come on let them walk on it and fall thru we need to set an example for the (STUPID} ones when they fall in and can't be found till the River thaws out. Let them on the ICE.

  2. Why dont you walk on it and fall in then we dont have to read any more of your ignorant comments.

    1. My COMMENTS aren't IGNORANT, the people who let their kids walk on the ICE are the IGNORANT ones and you are probably one of them. IGNORANT PARENT

  3. That comment is ridiculous.

  4. That is the most pathetic comment i ever read on here!!! If its your kid that falls threw i guess i just wouldnt feel bad for the example but seeing that you didnt add your name shows alot!!!

  5. There are plenty of good parents with kids that make poor choices from time to time. Sometimes peer pressure pushes kids into doing dumb stuff. I would hate to see anyone fall through the ice. Sharon Lintner