Thursday, January 25, 2018

Open Letter to the Spy

LNP is like the cable company in that it's basically the only game in town.  A monopoly.

LNP has touted themselves to be pro-transparency, open and fair-minded, yet they are censoring what is presented to the public.  Quite possibly the public is not even aware of this.

I recently submitted a letter to the editor regarding two road rage cases and I questioned the decisions made by the DAs office with regard to filing charges.  LNP refused to print it. 

If the DAs office is picking and choosing cases based on maintaining a winning record for election purposes, that needs to be addressed.  LNP's decision to suppress any mention of this has to bring into question their ties. 

Where else do Lancaster County residents go for local news?  TV stations lack the time to go into detail on any story. The Merchandiser is nothing more than an advertisement rag, they won't report on any crimes, trials, accidents, etc.  Facebook is a sea of misinformation posted by those too lazy to attend local meetings and gather accurate information. 

"We, the people" are not being properly informed and LNP controls what they want the public to know. 


  1. Several years ago LNP's crack team of educational investigators did a negative article on Columbia's failing schools and did it forward to the questionable actions of a questionable school boards' hiring of a questionable superintendent with no educational experience and questionable resume' and this same team of crack reporters have been totally absent or perhaps ......without questions for some reason.

    1. Absolutely spot on. LNP's correspondent has actually cozied up to the Strickler team. She helped serve food at one of their gatherings, which is a no-no for any reporter that intends to be fair. In fact, not just an ethical no-no, it had been policy for correspondents, so why would LNP allow this without reeling her in? Self-serving LNP's interests, not the public's right to know.

    2. Very interesting! How about inviting LNP to do an investigation or at least an in depth article on the complete history from 2005, on just how involved certain board members were in completing the quest to have their man seated in the superintendency. Or LNP could come to the next board meeting and ask the question that the board refuses to answer, that being...How many people were interviewed for the job of superintendent, and if any, what were their qualifications and educational experiences?

    3. Good questions - which one could also ask council in their hiring of our assistant borough manager and soon-to-be manager. She missed her first borough council meeting in her current capacity to be reappointed to the West Lampeter zoning board until 2020.

    4. Truth is elusive,sometimes by design, and investigative journalism is designed to inform the public when the public is being deceived. Anything otherwise is a form of complicity and censorship. Council and school board are elected officials who took an oath of office to serve for the betterment of the community. When they violate this oath , who is being served?

    5. LNP takes joy in the failures of Columbia. Whether it be the schools or crime.