Friday, January 19, 2018

2017 Year End Stats | Columbia Borough Police Department

Below are some of the statistics for the Columbia Borough Police Department for 2017.
-          The Columbia Borough Police Department handled 13,717 (4% increase over 2016) calls through Lancaster County Wide Communications (Columbia Borough is the 7th busiest police department in Lancaster County)
-          Out of the top 50 police units in the county dispatched for calls, Columbia Borough had three units in this group. They were ranked 9th, 13th and 45th.
-          There were 5,605 calls directly into the Columbia Borough Police Station during hours a dispatcher was on duty to answer calls.
-          10,206 parking tickets issued
-          597 traffic citations issued or filed
-          198 non-traffic citations issued or filed
-          207 criminal complaints completed (this number does not reflect PFA violations filed or juvenile allegations completed)
-          209 accident reports completed
  • Officers also assisted with many public safety and awareness events, volunteered in town, read books to children in the schools and at the public library, assisted with the Marine Corps League Toys for Tots program and also participated in other events in and out of town.
The employees of the Columbia Borough Police Department would like to thank the citizens, businesses, as well as the visitors of Columbia Borough for their continued support of their police department.
Additional statistics for the county can be found at the following link.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to our officers for the great work.

I wonder how many of these arrests are juveniles???