Tuesday, January 30, 2018

About Town

Recent pics from around Columbia...

Half lit down at the Creative Factory

The City of Lost Children?
(No, it's not a metaphor for Columbia!)
(Is it?)

Strung out and all lit up

Sticker shock

At Columbia River Park

The next generation of air conditioning?

This is part of the problem at 5th & Chestnut - drivers jumping the gun.

Broom at Laurel Hill.
But who left it - the crypt keeper or the the crypt occupant?

Some folks don't follow the frenzy of the crowd.


The following photos of recent river flooding, etc., are not necessarily in chronogical order:

The power of the Susquehanna

Water water everywhere, and a little bit of ice, too.


Even a "disaster area" can be beautiful.

Floatin' down the river on an iceberg - with a two-headed gull in front?

This used to be a lamp post.

Stuff washed up from the flood

Sinking fast

Down and out

Lot of ice to mess with at River Park

What could be better than ice and snow and a sturdy stick?


Doggin' it

Like son, like father

Derailed derailleur?


There's gold in them there waves!

Bald cypress trees trying to bounce back

Safety cone atop a lamp post base

Sunset - with the sun looking like an exploding nuke

Lost in the fog

Washington Borough

Signs down


A Hazmat team was at Washington Borough Park last Saturday for some undisclosed reason...


Down in Avenue H:
"The (Short) Adventure of the Vulture and the Cat"

A black vulture was wandering along, searching for snacks...

...when suddenly - an interloper!

Plan B- a quick exit!

Surveying the scene from safety


The Canada geese were flying over.

And so were the tundra swans.

A parking lot-to-be at Walnut and Commerce

There's good ol' "Two-Face" again.

Construction continues at the library.

Formerly blighted, then renovated, now on the market.

A private cemetery in Washington Borough

The stone says "Herr-1800."

A house reportedly hit by a tree on Route 441.
This property used to be known as the "Wagon Wheels" due to the wheels that were mounted on a concrete wall in front.

According to Google, there's a small shop on Cherry Street, next to the former Prudhomme's building.

But it seems to have disappeared.

This open space is all that's left.

Hard at work or hardly workin'?
(Pipeline construction employees near Ironville Pike)

"Don't look now, but there's a big shovel behind you."
(Norwood Road)

Creeping through the weeds


Apparently, those STOP/SLOW signs can also be used to scrape dirt onto a shovel. Who knew?

Gnarly tree on Laurel Hill Road

Meanwhile, down at 301 Locust...

New windows!